2018 Bao'an Industry Development Expo

Date: 26-Jul-18 to 28-Jul-18
Location: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center / Shenzhen / China
Category: Conferences & Trade Fairs

With a history of more than 1,600 years, Bao’ an District is the cradle of Shenzhen, one of the important famous cultural cities of South China. As an industrial base, western center as well as economic and industrial district of Shenzhen, the economic gross of Bao’ an District tops the list in Shenzhen. Sponsored by the People's Government of Bao'an District, organized by the Economic Promotion Bureau of Bao'an District and the Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association, the Bao’ an Industry Development Expo (B-Expo) of 2018 will comprehensively present the whole picture of economic and social development and quality business environment in Bao’ an District, display excellent enterprises that lead and support “intelligence manufacturing in Bao’ an” and those with technological innovation achievements, highlight the new achievements that Bao’ an District promotes the upgrading of industrial structure and drives the flourishing development of emerging industries with innovation-driven. B-Expo of 2018 will attract more high-end innovation elements such as talents, funds and skills to Bao’ an District, which will promote the economic and commercial communication between Bao’ an enterprises and other enterprises from home and abroad.


professional visitors will include all industrial manufacturing enterprises; e-commerce computer services and software companies; culture, sports entertainment, education industry enterprises and institutions; shopping malls supermarkets, chain stores, speciaty stores, wholesale and retail enterprises, government departments and associations, social organizations, research universities, research institutions and international organizations; hopital and medical institutions; transportations, logistics, warehousing, financial leasing and business services, resident service enterprises.


Enterprises mainly come from areas such as electronic information, new material & new energy, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, aviation & aerospace, science & technology, laser technology & equipment, big data industry, marine industry, health science & technology, cultural and creative area and so on.

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