Augmented Lagos

Date: 25-May-18 to 26-May-18
Location: Lagos State Digital Village, Alausa Secretariat / Lagos / Nigeria
Category: Education

Augmented Lagos is a MasterClass targeted to help Startup/SME founders to build executive knowledge and Skills required to harness  the power business digital transformations through Disruptive technologies. The program will help entrepreneurs understand how People, Governments, Organisations, SMEs can leverage on it for higher efficiency and productivity.
Understanding that 65% of Lagos Population are youths and also about 94% of businesses are Startups and SMEs, it is important that small businesses learn how to augment their efforts and resources using technologies.
The World Economic Forum (WEF), World bank and the UN all acknowledge that while Africa has missed out of the First, second and third Industrial revolution, it still has an opportunity of reaping the huge benefits of the fourth industrial revolution by harnessing the talents and resources in Africa and teaching them how to leverage Disruptive Technologies in solving problems.
It is a plan to re-brand and accelerate Lagos’ economy by empowering 200 Lagos youths (the future and power house of any nation) with knowledge of the limitless possibilities in the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. We intend to work with prospective partners and sponsors in running boot-camps in strategic locations in Lagos.
Learnings from Augmented Lagos will cause a mental mind-shift in Nigerian youths, redefining the way they perceive and solve problems.

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