Blockchain for Pharma: Research & Clinical Development Summit

Date: 29-Aug-18 to 30-Aug-18
Location: Revere Hotel Boston Common / Boston / United States
Category: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Conferences & Trade Fairs

The arrival of Blockchain signals the creation of a new paradigm of patient-centric drug development and has the ability to open lines of communication for secure sharing of patient data.

The Blockchain for Pharma: Research & Clinical Development Summit provides real-world case studies and technological best practice needed to drive the effective adoption and application of blockchain technology – allowing you to optimize data sharing, R&D productivity and enhance clinical trial success.

By highlighting the potential for the future, addressing the short-term challenges and importantly showcasing the initial steps currently being taken to ensure integration, the summit provides the perfect forum to progress the conversation of Blockchain from theory into practical and applied value.

Join the only industry event dedicated to realizing the full practical application of Blockchain as its potential impacts emerge within the context of drug discovery, translational research and clinical development.


Andreas Matern, Head of APIs & Microservices, Sanofi, Daniel Hwang, Strategic Analytics, Genentech, Axel Schumacher, Scientist, Innovator, Strategist, Shivom Project, Anne Kim, Researcher & Masters Student, MIT, Manuela Maria Schoener, Corporate Strategy & Internal Consulting, Boehringer Ingelheim, Adama Ibrahim, Senior Clinical Operations Lead, Biogen, Pascal Bouquet, Global Head Technology, Architecture, Digital Drug Development, Novartis, Dany DeGrave, Founder Unconventional Innovation, Sanofi, Disa Lee Choun, Director Head, Data Acquisition Development and Medical (Patient Value) Practices, UCB, Mehdi Benchoufi, Blockchain for Clinical Trials Specialist, Hôpital Hôtel Dieu, Simon Lin, Chief Research Information Officer, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Munther Baara, Head of New Clinical Paradigm, Pfizer, Vahan Simonyan, Lead Scientist, Director of Informatics, FDA, Andrew Krueger, Computational Biologist, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

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