Leo Mas & Phil Mison

Date: 25-May-18 to 25-May-18
Location: Last Days of Shoreditch / United Kingdom
Category: Food & Beverages

Leo Mas Legendary Dj master and pioneer of house music and Balearic sound. We are extremely excited in announcing will be playing for Balearicos/Last Days of Shoreditch.

Leo Mas started DJ career in Ibiza where he played at the Amnesia club (with Alfredo) during '85, '86, '87 and '88 (Summer of Love) and '90 (without Alfredo which played at Pacha).

In 1989 at Movida (Italian club) he decided to have on his side, Fabrice and Andrea Gemolotto, to begin a project that was named Big Brother Productions a.k.a. The Triad. They started some record labels: Informal Records, Muzak, Pin Up, Models Inc., and Spock, related to various styles of house, techno and electronic music.

Leo Mas playing together with Phil Mison on Friday, May the 25th


Leo Mas, Phil Mison

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