Peckham Psychedelics Fiesta

Date: 08-Jul-18 to 08-Jul-18
Location: Peckham Springs / United Kingdom
Category: Travel & Tourism

Dr David Luke - The Science of Psychedelics
The traditional use of psychoactive plants and fungi for spiritual and shamanic rituals has occurred for thousands of years, whereas the Western scientific research of these substances has only been explored in the last 100 years, and prohibition stalled the last 50 years of this.
Now that scientific research is resuming, what do psychedelics tell us about the weirder side of human consciousness, and what can be learned from the traditional shamanic practices with these substances?
Dr. Luke is one of Europe's leading experts in this field, having co-authored four books on the subject and co-founded the International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness, Breaking Convention.

Bruna Gribaldi - Psychedelics and Depression

Bruna Gribaldi is a key member of Imperial's Psychedelic Research Group which has been carrying out world leading research on Psychedelics and Depression.
Her main focus is co-ordinating the upcoming research on Psilocybin, the active ingredient in Magic Mushrooms, and depression. Initial results suggested mushrooms can bring immediate and long-lasting relief capturing headlines worldwide. But what do these mushroom sessions consist of and how do they work? You will learn this and more from Bruna

Gammadian Freeman - How Psychedelics enhance Perception

Gammadian discusses the various affects of different psychedelics with focus on the discoveries made under their influence and how to capitalise on the information received. He shares ways that we can move and enhance perception by natural means.
He will talk about recent tests where psychedelics are used along with therapy and the results they have obtained.

Venue: Peckham Springs, Peckham
Event Starts 1pm. Talks until 6pm.
£12 Earlybird Tickets on Sale Now / £15 Standard Release

*Please see venue website for admission (age restrictions) or accessibility information. Our talks may be filmed for promotional purposes.


Dr David Luke, Bruna Gribaldi, Gammadian Freeman

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