You Suck At Negotiating! But, You Don't Have To (Jul 13 @ 7PM Santa Monica)

Date: 13-Jul-18 to 13-Jul-18
Location: Philosophie / Santa Monica / United States
Category: Education

In this eye-opening workshop, Tony Perzow will have all attendees participate in an exciting negotiation simulation. Through his experience of training over 10,000 professionals, Tony learned that negotiation excellence is a skillset that is best attained through practice rather than lecture. Once the simulation concludes, Tony will thoroughly critique everyone’s negotiation by putting a figurative spotlight on the choices that led to money being left on the table. Ineffective choices made during Tony’s negotiation simulations are often the same choices that professionals are making unconsciously in the real world. Tony will conclude the evening with the SECRET SAUCE of negotiation, the one thing that'll transform the way you negotiate forever. This is one workshop you can't afford to miss!


Why do I suck at negotiating and how do I get better?
What are the most common mistakes that I'm making when negotiating and what are the quick fixes?
What is the one thing that I MUST learn to up my game?


Tony Perzow

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