Hack the Root: Artist Tour with Mae-ling Lokko - Liverpool Biennial 2018

Date: 14-Jul-18 to 14-Jul-18
Location: RIBA North - National Architecture Centre / United Kingdom
Category: Travel & Tourism

RIBA North and Liverpool Biennial have commissioned Mae-ling Lokko to develop a project using Grow-It-Yourself workshops to produce an architectural structure from agrowaste-fed mycelium (mushrooms).
The structure which shifts along its length from ‘Root to Rhizome’ – from mass produced biomaterial to locally produced biobricks - will be grown, nurtured and installed by students, school children and community groups from Liverpool.

The mushroom grow chambers will be in our City Gallery in June where visitors will be able to see the modules growing. The fully-grown material will be dried forming solid modular biobricks which will form the facade structure of 'Hack the Root' at RIBA North.

Visitors can walk within and around this structure and explore an exhibition in Gallery One which documents the whole process, its significance in terms of sustainable construction and future manufacturing and monitors the invisible performance of the structure outside.

Join Mae-ling Lokko for a tour of the exhibition on the opening day of the Liverpool Biennial 2018.

Liverpool Biennial 2018 opens on Saturday 14 July 2018.

Hack the Root will be open 14 July to 28 October 2018.


Mae-ling Lokko

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