Gartner Sales and Marketing Conference 2018, Las Vegas, NV

The premier event for B2B sales and marketing executives. Commercial leaders are pushed to find and implement new ways to achieve revenue growth. Gartner Sales and Marketing Conference 2018 provides a community of accomplished sales and marketing leaders focused on developing strategies and tactics that deliver real results for their business. Attendees will learn from a mix of experts and practitioners who are defining and executing plans featuring highly productive organizational structures, successful marketing programs, and partnerships with world-class solution providers. Solution providers will have the opportunity to connect with and promote services and solutions to help these commercial leaders. Esteemed speakers, researchers and subject matter experts will share unbiased, tactical advice with practical solutions and applications for the audience to take back to their offices. This Gartner conference is a must attend for meaningful networking, how-to guidance and real-world solutions, in three valuable days.


Brent Adamson, Scott Collins , Rick Karlton, Todd Berkowitz, Tad Travis, Carlos Guerrero, Christi Eubanks, Danielle Henneberger, Hank Barnes

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