Novato Space Festival - Meet Legendary Astronauts!

Date: 05-Aug-18 to 05-Aug-18
Location: The Space Station Museum / United States
Category: Science Conferences & Trade Fairs

This is a rare opportunity to talk with Astronauts who flew to the moon, piloted the Space Shuttle, walked in space and lived on the International Space Station.

This family oriented, in/out-door festival has exhibits ranging from touching real moon rocks to viewing the Sun through at telescope. Hosted by The Space Station Museum, many artifacts from its extensive collection will be on display in the museum's gallery.

There will be a panel discussion with the Astronauts & Scientist and several book signing opportunities throughout the event.


Al Worden - Apollo 15 Astronaut, Author, Dr. Rhea Seddon - Space Shuttle Astronaut, Author, Dan Bursch - Space Shuttle & Intl. Space Station Astronaut, Robert "Hoot" Gibson - Space Shuttle Commander, Greg "Box" Johnson - Space Shuttle Pilot, Steve Smith - Space Shuttle Astronaut (Hubble Telescope), Dr. Yvonne Cagle - Flight Surgeon , Ed Rezac - NASA Engineer (Hubble Telescope), Dr. Jill Tarter - SETI Institute, Author

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