Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling 2018 Conference Dallas

Improve Accuracy, Reduce Risk, & Utilize Software to Achieve Planning & Scheduling Excellence

In every construction build, planning and scheduling teams play a major role in meeting time and cost deadlines, and ensuring project success.

Meanwhile, the challenges of a competitive market and pressured workforce means that this important role is compelled to perform more efficiently, under tighter constraints.

Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling 2018 is coming to Dallas to reveal how to overcome these daily challenges. From reducing the risk of claims to learning how to leverage cutting-edge software, you’ll hear how owners, general contractors, and subcontractors like are maintaining success.

The Top 5 Takeaways Are:

1) Overcome Industry Challenges
2) Hear What Your Peers Are Saying
3) Leverage Technology
4) Maintain & Upskill Your Workforce
5) Unrivalled Networking

Join your peers in September to be a part of this progressive discussion.


David Ambrose, Ron Weber, Andy Leek, John Revere, Rob Sepanek, Heather Sebastian, Duncan McIlvaine, Donna Nardella, Regis Fox, Sean Cain, Jim Bradshaw, Charlie Dunn, Colin Thrift, Brandon Howell, Noah Aronson, Doug Gross, Vicki Whipple, Chris Weaver, Duke Cleveland, Miles Aucoin, Damon Ranieri

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