EXPLODE YOUR EXPERT BIZ - Best Strategies / London (limited free tickets)

Date: 28-Jul-18 to 28-Jul-18
Location: Central London Conference Hotel / London / United Kingdom
Category: Banking, Finance & Investment Technology Conferences & Trade Fairs

A coach, speaker, consultant or expert in your field looking to make a big impact in the world, leave a legacy but your business feels like a jigsaw puzzle that just needs to be pieced together?
Have you been in business for few years, got good results and you are now ready to play in the A leagueand be side by side with other industry leaders?
Are you looking for a long term solution that will allow you to scale your expert business to multiple six figures whilst constantly overdelivering and building a solid reputation for yourself and your brand?
Are you tired to work every single hours under the sun and you are now ready to create a systemised business that does not depend solely on yourself?
If the answer is yes you are going to love our free event EXPLODE YOUR EXPERT BIZ where we will share how we built our business from zero to multiple six figures and how you can do the same.

Garanteed entry only if you have booked online (in advance) / Tickets on the door are not free!

The FOUR core areas you need to focus on to EXPLODE YOUR EXPERT BIZ.
The most powerful way of building your expert business without any stress and anxiety.
The processes that we use to run a multiple six figure expert business, and how you can duplicate it, step by step, without feeling like you are running someone else's business.

My business partner Ben and I have, built a coaching business from scratch that now generates £10K – 25K sales per month and designed training programs for multi-million-pound companies, such as The Adecco Group and Office Angels.

Interactive workshop to learn what we have learnt and experienced to make our business a success.

More (important) info about the event: https://buff.ly/2lXxLDJ
Garanteed entry only if you have booked online (in advance) / Tickets on the door are not free!

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