SPE Workshop Hydraulic Fracturing in Russia: Experience and Perspectives

Date: 25-Sep-18 to 27-Sep-18
Location: Radisson Hotel / Russia
Category: Education

We would like you to get acquainted with the technical programme.

Session 1. New Methodology in Hydrofracturing: Design, Technologies, Approaches. During this session we will discuss the following topics:
- Multistage HF Technologies: evolution vs perspectives
- The software: modern simulator vs perspective technologies.
- Cross-disciplinary integrated methods in design and HF implementation
- Foam, nitrogen, hybrid frac and gelled acid
- Geomechanic, etc.

Session 2. Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing in Russia: from Pilots to Integrated Projects. This session will be divided into 5 sub-topics:
- Import Phase-out, Technics- and Technology-wise:
- Integrated Projects: Geological Model, Geomechanics, Hydraulic Fracturing and Field Development Optimization
- Economics - Hydraulic fracturing Cost Optimization in Russia and Abroad
- Design: Fracture growth direction, number of stages – Theoretical Justification and Case Studies
- Exploitation of Wells with Multistage HF

Session 3. Multistage Refrac: Best Practices vs. Implementation Issues. At this sesction you will discuss:
- Refracturing technologies: specifics, uncertainties, justification, risks
- Multiport or multistage HF without arrangements?
- From potential assessment to production measurement after multistage refrac

Session 4. Hydraulic Fracturing in Extreme Environments. The session will be dedicated to:
- High pressure, high stress and tectonic environments
- Harsh, corrosive and high-temperature environments
- Carbonates: efficiency and the available technologies, etc.

Session 5. Hydraulic Fracturing and Related Projects. The discussion will cover:
- Completion assembly: new solutions, and case studies and best practices of existing solutions
- Geomechanics: core, well logging, correlations, 1D and 3Dgeomechanical models. Schedule a fracture or fracture grid with no regard to technologic aspects of fracturing, etc.


Sergey Brezitsky, independent expert, cochair, Mikhail Chertenkov, LUKOIL Engineering, cochair,

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