SPE Workshop Horizontal Wells Survey

Date: 21-Nov-18 to 22-Nov-18
Location: West-Siberian Scientific and Research Institute of Geology and Geophysics / Russia
Category: Education

The first workshop on Horizontal Wells was held in 2016 and was dedicated to one of the most dynamic areas for development: use of horizontal wells. The Workshop gathered representatives from the major production and service companies who had a great opportunity to share experience, learn about various approaches to well survey and related case studies.
This year we will discuss new technologies, experience and issues that Russian and world oil and gas industry faced after the previous workshop in 2016, including:
Horizontal wells testing: technologies, equipment, interpretation
Horizontal wells Production Logging (PLT): technologies, equipment, interpretation
Multilateral, Horizontal wells and wells with multistage hydraulic fracturing logging and testing
Horizontal wells testing in case of multiphase filtration (condensate, gas caps, oil degassing) and many more.
This workshop will be interesting for
Fracturing and Field Development Specialists
Drilling Engineers
Geophysicists and Geologists
Simulation Engineers
University Staff and Academia
Exploration and Production Engineers
Project and Design Engineers
Reservoir Engineers
The programme committee members who have already confirmed their participation:
Rim Valiullin, GeoTEK
Danila Gulyaev, Sofoil
Fedor Zavalin, NOVATEK STC
Andrey Ipatov, Gazpromneft STC
Sergey Kolbikov, NOVATEK
Oleg Kulyatin, Rosneft
Yuri Shagarov, LUKOIOL-Engineering
Alexander Shandrygin, DeGolyer and MacNaughton
Submit your topic and present it at the workshop, or register and attend it as a listener. Registration is open at http://rca.spe.org/ru/events/18atyu-horizontal-wells-survey/.


Sergey Kolbikov, NOVATEK, Alexander Shandrygin, DeGolyer and MacNaughton, Rim Valiullin, GeoTEK

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