Active Shooter UK Workshop

Date: 10-Nov-18 to 10-Nov-18
Location: Meon Vale Leisure Centre / United Kingdom
Category: Conferences & Trade Fairs

Active Shooter Workshop is open to everyone.

We'll cover how to make yourself safe during the event, how to baricade yourself in the room and if all fails how to fight as an individual or as a team of people trapped in the building where active shooter event is going on.
We'll take under consideration UK Gun Laws and abilities that UK Law gives you to defend yourself and your loved ones.
We'll cover how to disarm an active shooter, how to set up a trap, how to distracts and how to take down when you are unarmed and have only common objects available.

In an Active Shooter situation, you have to make a decision to Run, Hide, or Fight. Our goal is to teach people how to
when run and hide are no longer an option. We want to make you Mentally Strong enough to deal with a life or death situation if in fact you are faced with that situation.

DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY. Come and learn! Get prepared.

Course will be run by Bartosz Zukowski, Krav Maga Expert, European Security Academy Instructor, Close Protection Instructor and Officer and Firearms Instructor with years of experience who spend over a decade teaching civilians, military and law enforcement officers hand to hand combat and firearms.


Bartosz Zukowski

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