Advancing Integrated Project Delivery 2018 Conference San Francisco, CA

Accelerate the Adoption of True IPD & IPD Lite

Learn from Leading Owners, Designers, & Contractors
Advancing Integrated Project Delivery is the only event focused on accelerating True IPD and IPD Lite adoption. Our mission is to enable contractors, design firms and clients to work more collaboratively through best practices in contractual incentives, team culture and workflow. We believe IPD is the future. Join us to be part of it.

This is your chance to focus on critical questions around the risk, rewards, setup and execution of IPD projects through the lens of owners, contractors, design firms and trades.

For those looking to begin your IPD journey, workshops and case studies will explore the first steps you need to take, as well as alert you to common lessons learned. For those who are already IPD leaders, this is the perfect space to benchmark best practices and continue to spearhead innovation with an audience truly passionate about accelerating the adoption of IPD.

Whatever your barriers are to IPD adoption, this is your forum to find a solution. Join us in San Francisco this December.


Amanda Mewborn, Steve Higgs, James Lynn, Mindy Goodroe, Boris Letuchy, Omar Dandashi, Ron Migliori, Layne Thompson, Kyle Majchrowski, Arun Kaiwar, Kelley Huss, Kevin Moore, George Zettel, Stefanie Becker, Irene Monis, Stan Chiu, David Hajjar, Craig Webber, Michael Guglielmo, Ron Simoneau, Joubin Hassanein, Katie Page, Mark Zaleski, Dominik Skwarnicki, Ed Noble, Jason Hopper, Kent DeRusha, George Watts, Ken Jaeger, James Hines, Brian Hall, Jonathan Cohen, David Baker, Rick Holliday, Andy Ball, Jason Dunlop, Vince Chapman, David Martin

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