FX Invest North America 2018

> 12th annual FX Invest North America conference
> The leading foreign exchange buy-side meeting for institutional investors, asset managers, corporates, pension funds and hedge funds
> Designed to help you navigate the forex market in the year ahead
> This event gathers the most influential practitioners and thought leaders to share their insights on the macro events driving markets, discuss structural changes and disruptions within the FX industry, and identify new trading opportunities

Explore the latest hot topics including:

> Global Central Banks in motion: What monetary changes can we expect?
> TCA and execution for next-gen FX trading: How can the buy-side gain more?
> Producing consistent alpha: Why do currency managers struggle?
> Machine learning & FX: How are portfolio managers and traders integrating ML tools into their processes?
> Transparency: including pre-trade, execution and post-trade performance
> Buy-side and Global Code of Conduct: What buy side firms should know about the GCoC, and why buy-side support is essential to its success
> Intraday liquidity, illiquidity, and everything in between: Analyzing complexity and composition of liquidity in the FX market today
> Crypto funds: What will it take for investors to trust crypto?
> Emerging markets: Looking out for pockets of opportunity and warning signs
> From daily tweets to trade wars: How global politics is affecting FX markets

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