Toxin & Plastic Free Living - The Secret of Freshness -

Toxin & Plastic Free Living - the Secret of FRESHNESS - Increase wellbeing
Daily steps to a healthier you- from dental care to whole food supplements - 100% toxin free.
What can I implement in my daily routine to give me more energy, wellness, good sleep and best nutrients to build a healthy overall lifestyle?
Get ideas to implement healthy choices into your every day life!
Try out products - ask questions and get inspired for healthy toxin free choices which are best for you and our environment. Eco Plastic Containers too!
Meet the FIRST FRESH BODY CARE provider in Europe!
“Our vision is to make it possible for all people to have a good life in a better and healthier world”
*daily toxin free essentials 
* try the best Whole Food Supplements on the market – suitable for people with allergies (gluten free), diabetics, pregnancy and all green thinkers 
*try the FIRST FRESH body care products in Europe
*hear all about the 100% Philosophy of this award winning company with a conscience
experience the FIRST FRESH Skin/Body Care in Europe-hear all about our unique company ethos/Philosophy.
On average women apply 100 different synthetic chemicals on their body every day- a high amount of these find their way into the blood stream.
We do not want synthetic chemicals in our food- so why have them in our skin care?
Pure, truly natural and FRESH products for the whole family- sustaining a healthy home.
*why body care products should be “FOOD STATE”
*what toxins are lurking in your skin care products
*create a toxin/pollutant free bathroom at home
*New Generation Products
*New Generation Business- that is 100% ethical and 100% sustainable
*Whole Food Supplements – why this should be your first choice when adding supplements to your diet
Saturday October 13th - 16.30pm - 17.30pm
Rutland Arms, 15 Lower Mall Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9QL
Tel: 07968 315 684



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