RingWars7-White Collar Semi-Professional Boxing Birmingham H Suite FightDen

Date: 22-Mar-19 to 22-Mar-19
Location: The H Suite / United Kingdom
Category: Food & Beverages

Fightden in association with Blood Sweat and Tears promotions have their first show of 2019 “Ring Wars 7” at the H-Suite Edgbaston

Ring Wars 7 is a night of Birmingham's proudest most competitive White Collar Semi-Professional Boxers competing in a challenging series of fights supported by Limitless Benefits Ring Girls Birmingham.

With SBPF Heavyweight Irish Title fight 6x2 Dextor Vs Taylor

Sanctioned by Semi Professional Boxing Federation // www.spbf.co.uk

Standard tickets £25
Vip tickets £35

For tickets call Luke 07833 944 100


Dexter Hastings

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