How to Start & Run a Successful Restaurant or Coffee Bar Workshop in London

Date: 19-Jul-19 to 19-Jul-19
Location: The British Library / United Kingdom
Category: Education

Explore the best ways of testing your business idea and challenging it with all the available financial information. Learn how to prepare a competitor analysis.

Learn about the numbers that you should have in mind in order to make the business a profitable one. We will also talk about the process of choosing suppliers, effectively managing the stock and talk about staffing and building a team amongst many other aspects of your business.

There is also an opportunity to find out about the necessary legal requirements and the importance of finding a suitable property.

The event will cover:

Coming up with the idea
Market research
Generating a plan
Suppliers and Stock
Legal requirements
Choosing the right property
The customer service journey
Apps and technologies
The important numbers and percentages that you need to know
On the day, we will endeavour to answer your questions as well. The workshop is run by Vasken Jermakian of Foodication Restaurants.

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