Eco-Friendly Solar Robots

Date: 17-Apr-19 to 17-Apr-19
Location: Five Dock Library / Australia
Category: Education

Ever wondered how to transform cans, plastic bottles and old CD's into robots? In this fun robot building activity you will explore how to harness the power of the sun, work with motors and gears and explore simple electrical circuits to build your own solar powered robot. 
You will also have a chance to put your creation to the test by participating the inaugural Five Dock Solar Robot Race at the end of the day (weather permitting). 
With your newly acquired building skills you will be able to continue the exploration at home, as your creation can be disassembled and rebuilt into five different kinds of robots. 

Suitable for ages 8-12 years
We design the learning and social experience of our workshops very carefully, and it is important for the enjoyment and safety of all participants that your child is within the age range for this program.​

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