Rocky Mountains Shale, Production Optimization Bakken, DJ & Powder River Congress 2019

The Rocky Mountain plays are heating up once again - Bakken is going strong, Powder River is picking up and for some, the DJ Basin is the hottest shale formation. Regardless of acreage position, operators everywhere are trying to figure out how to keep their artificial lift systems optimized and bring the most production online at the lowest cots possible. Keeping that in mind, assess how latest artificial lift designs are optimized for cost, efficiency & run time. Additionally, integrate smart controls to monitor systems and improve lift maintenance & reliability.
Our flagship Rocky Mountains' focused production optimization and artificial lift event returns to Denver this May, with a new and fresh focus on minimizing downtime through automation, maintaining a consistent route to drawdown and effectively managing gas handling, interference, sand control and corrosion challenges.

Key Speaker Companies: Bonanza Creek Energy, Anadarko Petroleum, Americo Energy Resources, Murphy Oil, Merit Energy Company, EXCO Resources, Whiting Petroleum Corporation, North Plains Energy, Maverick Natural Resources, EP Energy, Bureau of Economic Geology - University of Texas


Heads, Leads of, VPs, Directors, Managers, Engineers of:
Artificial Lift
Well Treatment
Reservoir Engineers
Asset Management

from E&P operators from across the Rocky Mountains region.


Production Optimization Consultants
Innovative Pump Design Options For Effective Gas Handling
Latest Surveillance Technology Solutions To Predict & Prevent Failures
New Age Sensor & Well Control Technology Providers
Smart Control Options To Make Smarter Decisions
Latest Technology Options To Prevent Gas Interference
Fluid Homogenization Alternatives To Maintain A Stable Operating Environment
Drilling And Completions Consulting Firms
Software Providers To Utilize Predictive Data Analytics
Production Optimization Consultants
Sand Control Solution Providers
Flowback Management Techniques
Well Corrosion Treatment Solutions

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