Communication Skills Course - 11th November 2019 - Impact Factory London

Date: 11-Nov-19 to 11-Nov-19
Location: Impact Factory | Professional Development | Training and Courses / United Kingdom
Category: Education

This communication skills course is a practical day, filled with exercises, games and discussion.

You'll practise ways of communicating more effectively.

You'll go away with a set of personalised skills you can use immediately.

Course Objectives:

How Communications Works
Elements of Communication
Body Language and Non-verbal Cues
Using Your Strengths
Building Confidence
Communicating Harmoniously
Practising Effective Communication
Communications Toolkit

What Our Delegates Say:

"I really enjoyed the course. The venue and surroundings are great so much better than a dingy ex-council building in Holborn like the norm. Maria and Paul did a fab job delivering useful and engaging content".

Gillian Hawkes - PR and Communications Manager - RSM International

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