Mindfulness Teacher Training: CPD Accredited.

This Workshop is not based on any religious, spiritual or philosophical model. It is vital that you develop your own personal relationship with Mindfulness that you are comfortable with. Every effort is made to help you discover your unique style. Mindfulness is very adaptable and does not clash with personal philosophies unless a style is forced upon you.

No level of prior knowledge of Mindfulness is assumed, or required. You will be given a short book list, prior to the Workshop, but if you want to come to the first day with little or no knowledge, that is fine. Experienced mindfulness practitioners are welcome too.

The Workshop will be very practical. You will be shown many techniques, exercises, tips and strategies and will be given ample time to try them out. This will all be accompanied by theoretical knowledge, where necessary, to put the practical element into perspective. Extensive notes, slides and meditations are included.

The Workshop is centred around helping you to build your own self-awareness and to understand why we do what we do and think what we think. Personal learning will then make it easier to widen out our awareness to friends, family and colleagues at work, helping us understand Mindfulness in the wider world,

Although the Workshop is designed to help you to become a confident and professional teacher of Mindfulness it is also suitable for those who want to learn about mindfulness for their own use. The considerations of how to teach others can often fix the knowledge in our own heads more effectively.

Who is this Course For?
• People in healthcare and complementary healthcare professions who would like to enhance their services.
• Managers and trainee managers who are looking for a resilient framework for improving their management style and the functioning of their team.
• Human Resources and Training professionals, introducing mindfulness into their workplace.
• Anyone who would like to understand more about mindfulness.

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