Sensual Alchemy: Sex Magic Ritual for Women

Date: 20-Jul-19 to 20-Jul-19
Location: Mystic Journey Crystals and Yoga / Los Angeles / United States
Category: Education Sport, Fitness & Recreation Culture, Society & Lifestyle

SENSUAL ALCHEMY -Sex Magic Ritual for Women
Where are you on your journey with your womanhood and sexuality?  With your body?  With the larger world?  What are you wanting to create?  What are you wanting to tranform?  

Let's harness the power of planting seeds for our future using our conscious sensual life force.

During the class portion, we'll incorporate tantric breathing and meditation, sensual movement, inner inquiry, and ritual magic to create a rich tapestry of investigation and integration.  No doubt there will be synergy amongst the group.

Learn Sex Magic Rituals to add intentionality to your practices.

We'll do exercises to awaken the energy through all of our 7 chakras and then begin our sacred internal ritual cultivating our sensual fire to add it to the people, places, things, and personal growth and healing we want to connect to moving forward in our lives.

I will answer any questions you may have, share some of what I have learned about relevant topics and share some of my journey of creating
with sexual energy.  

Sex Magic Ritual:
-How can we use our sexual energy for creation and transformation and as a powerful tool for personal growth and reflection?  The more in tune we are with our body, the more sovereign we are.  The more we make instinctual decisions from our higher self and our body's wisdom.

Benefits of sexual sovereignty include:
*Being in tune with the environment around you.  Having accurate awareness of your senses and your instinctual nature.
*Radiance-Shine from the within.  Share it with the world around you.  Uplift everyone you touch with your sparkle.
*Being more stable in the chaos that is life.  Have your own foundational rudder that helps you steer through the complexities of life without getting knocked off course by other people or circumstances.
*Having a nuanced and connected expressional relationship with all of your emotions.  The Darkness and the Light.  Have 100% self love in all your perfect expression

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