Power geometries and prioritising place in climate change migration

Date: 10-Oct-19 to 10-Oct-19
Location: Latymer Upper School / United Kingdom
Category: Travel & Tourism Culture, Society & Lifestyle

Place attachment (emotional bonds to place) are an important explanation of why people remain in place under negative climate change impacts. Using perspectives from mobilities geographies, particularly Doreen Massey’s ideas of power geometries and progressive sense of place, Dr Helen Adams analyses expressions of place attachment under climate change to suggest alternative solutions to resettlement or migration.

In doing so it is argued that commonly the economic and political processes that constrain the choices of those in these places are ignored. Viewed from this perspective, effective adaptation responses are founded in conscientization, environmental and procedural justice and active placemaking, utilizing global connectivity that has had, so far, only a uni-directional influence.

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