Mayo Clinic OB/Mayo Clinic OB/GYN Clinical and Surgical Updates

Date: 17-Feb-20 to 20-Feb-20
Location: Ponte Vedra Inn & Club / United States
Category: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Conferences & Trade Fairs

Mayo Clinic OB/GYN practice has a 25-year history of cutting edge courses for practicing obstetric, gynecologic, family medicine and internal medicine providers. We are pleased to offer our second annual enterprise-wide clinical and surgical course drawing leading experts from Mayo Clinic Arizona, Florida, Rochester, and Mayo Clinic Health System.

Highlights encompassing all areas of OBGYN include practical talks, specifically:
Radiologic evaluation of endometriosis
What to do for endometriosis and non-endometriosis pelvic pain
Fetal growth restriction
Chronic hypertension in pregnancy
Pelvic organ prolapse: What the non-urogyn needs to know
Complex pelvic organ prolapse: What to do when all else fails
Surgery for hereditary cancer risk reduction

And cutting edge discussions, specifically:
Debate: Surgical approach to hysterectomy - vaginal vs. robotic
Improving patient satisfaction with emotional intelligence
New frontiers in cancer detection and treatment
Prenatal diagnostics and the role of whole-exome sequencing

Hands-on laboratories including:
Cadaver lab covering anatomy and retroperitoneal dissection (Mayo Jacksonville Simulation Center)
Anal sphincter repair
ACOG endorsed ECO course: Emergency cases in obstetrics simulations (Mayo Jacksonville Simulation Center)
Surgical coaching to excel at laparoscopic suturing and vaginal hysterectomy using simulation

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