Conferences on February 20, 2016

2016 the 3rd International Conference on Education and Social Sciences

Date: 18-Feb-16 to 20-Feb-16
Location: Singapore / Singapore
The 3rd International Conference on Education and Social Sciences (ICEASS) will be held on February 18-20, 2016 in Singapore. The ICEASS offers a great opportunity to bring together professors, researchers and scholars around the globe a great platform to deliver the latest innovative research resultand the most recent development and trends in education and social sciences field. Feedback from 2014 Keynote Speaker Cathine Gilchrist Scott Professor and Vice President for Research, Education, Training and Development, G and Educational and Research Foundation, Inc. USA Keynote Speaker, ICEASS 2014 and ACGEBF 2014 in Beijing, China “I had a great time in Beijing, China serving as the Keynote Speaker on Education. The room was overflowing with participants interested in education. I ...

National Conference on Migration, Diaspora and Development

Date: 20-Feb-16 to 20-Feb-16
Location: Delhi / India
Human movement within and across national boundaries and continents has been a reality in our current context. Today, migration as a global process, represents both an opportunity as well as challenge. While well-managed migration may foster socioeconomic development and bring about new opportunities in both homeland and host land, its mismanagement can result in risking social cohesion, security and sovereignty. Some of the prominent reasons for migration throughout human history and civilization in all countries have been the wish to enhance quality of life, betterment of one’s economic situation and maintenance of one’s own life and that of the dependents. At the individual level, migration results when people are unable to sustain themselves within their own existing settlements. ...

Best Shell Scripting Online Training With Realtime And Certification

Date: 07-Nov-15 to 20-Feb-16
Location: Hyderabad / India
Becoming acquainted using the newest Smart Mind Online Training In shell scripting Online Training lessons is one component of the training course in the situation. Besides that, you are going to learn the fundamentals for both- servers and computer, its components that are essential, along with other advanced techniques to handle this operating system that is popular. That's another sort of training course that targets examining the validation of software which is unique by way of a tool called Quick Test Pro or QTP. It is one more actually well known course that's also reachable online. Proficient professionals which can be masters can answer every possible query and prepare the design of the course. You will get the most out of them and improve your knowledge. When you get certified ...

London Photography Tour

Date: 20-Feb-16 to 20-Feb-16
Location: London / United Kingdom
This 4 hour instructional photography tour is suitable for beginners or intermediate level photography enthusiasts covering the more well-known locations of Southbank/Westminster to Trafalgar Square. We meet at Waterloo Train station at 9.30am. At a nearby cafe over coffee and cake (our treat), we teach you the essentials of photography and the how/where/why on your camera before going outside on an instructional walking tour. You will be given written notes and exercises to continue practising and learning after the tour is over. Book and pay for this tour or a gift voucher before 4 January 2016 and pay only £95. There is a maximum of 7 clients per tour. The tour is held Wednesday and alternate Fridays or Saturdays. If the dates don't suit, we also offer 1 to 1 ...

4th Systemic Sclerosis World Congress

Date: 18-Feb-16 to 20-Feb-16
Location: Lisbon / Portugal
This 4th World Scleroderma Congress will try to combine the best experience we had in the previous congresses, emphasising clinically relevant developments in the field with a focus on aspects of care to improve the quality of life for patients with scleroderma worldwide. The combination of hands-on workshops, lectures, oral presentations, and sponsored sessions will provide an exciting mix of extraordinary experiences that will be put at disposal for all attendees that devote their work to people with scleroderma.

Dinner & A Blueprint for Financial Success

Date: 20-Feb-16 to 20-Feb-16
Location: United States
Come join us for an evening of great food and also get filled up on information on how use a blueprint to build your business and personal legacy. If you are determined to be a success at what you do you have to have the knowledge to  pursue it to it's fullest.Wealth and success is available for each one of you- you must connect with  people who have walked the walk and not just talking heads. Also learn how to use policies, and annuities, etc to build a life free of money worries. Learn how to handle your tax issues and Find out how to structure your life, business, nonprofit etc. into a vechicle of flowing cash!    **In order to change your life, you must use real principles that are available for your progression in life and in the lives of your familiy**  This is a great ...

Lift: A Day with Uplifting Stories and Authors

Date: 20-Feb-16 to 20-Feb-16
Location: United States
Join us for a day of hearing remarkable stories that will lift your spirits and inspire you to achieve your dreams. “Lift” will be held at the amazing Stein Erickson Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah. You will hear from 12 amazing individuals including bestselling authors, business leaders, health professionals and even Olympians. While listening to these uplifting stories, you will enjoy the scenic view from the mountain tops. Here are some of the speakers you will hear from. We will be announcing more speakers as they are confirmed. Jeffery C. Olsen: Jeffery is a two-time bestselling author and inspires audiences across the country with his intriguing personal story of perseverance and inner strength. In 1997, Jeff experienced a horrific automobile accident that inflicted multiple life-...

Dental Marketing Course on February 20th, 2016

Date: 20-Feb-16 to 20-Feb-16
Location: Ontario / Canada
WHAT THEY DON’T TEACH YOU IN DENTAL SCHOOL Come get all your questions answered by dental marketing experts and dentists who have doubled – even tripled – their monthly new patient flow. All research discussed at the conference is based on the successful practices of real Toronto-area dentists. We spoke to hundreds of clinics on their successful marketing techniques and now are sharing what really works with you. Full details and schedule at

Remodeling for Your Retirement Years

Date: 20-Feb-16 to 20-Feb-16
Location: United States
Don't miss this exciting new workshop offered by award winning, design and remodeling experts, Mike and Kathe Russell of DreamBuilders Home Remodeling.  This workshop is especially designed for homeowners who want to enjoy their retirement in the luxury and comfort of their own homes.  In this workshop, you will learn the following: ·         how to create a proper scope of work and budget for your project; ·        how to estimate realistic project costs without getting bids; ·       how to get the most out of your kitchen and bath remodeling; ·      universal design and how to select the right products and finishes for your        home and lifestyle; ·       how to make your home more energy efficient; ·        the phases of construction, what to expect, and how to phase ...

One-to-One MBA Event in Bogota

Date: 20-Feb-16 to 20-Feb-16
Location: Bogota / Colombia
The Access MBA Tour hits the road with the world’s top business schools and a team of MBA consultants to bring a special opportunity to you. On February 20, 2016, representatives from international MBA programmes will meet with Bogota's business professionals on a One-to-One basis. You will have the chance to benefit from: One-to-One* and small group meetings with MBA Admissions Directors Thematic panel discussions featuring B-schools and Alumni Individual consulting sessions and GMAT test preparation Many scholarship opportunities By registering for the One-to-One MBA event, your profile will be carefully matched and selected for individual meetings with the business schools that correspond to your expectations. *Individual 20 minute long meetings to discuss your MBA ...