Conferences on December 12, 2017


Date: 11-Dec-17 to 12-Dec-17
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Human resource management is the management of an organization's workforce, or human resources and is responsible for the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees, while also overseeing organizational leadership and culture and ensuring compliance with employment and labor laws. Professional development refers to the acquisition of skills and knowledge both for personal development and for career advancement. This conference brings Policy Makers, Managers, Principals, Researchers, Educationists, HR Practitioners, Administrators and Planners to demonstrate HR practices.

GSTF EMG - 6th Annual Enterprise Marketing and Globalization

Date: 11-Dec-17 to 12-Dec-17
Location: Singapore / Singapore
As we move forward into the next millennium, the real challenge for many enterprises will be navigating the complexities of an increasingly globalized marketplace. Furthermore, with the declining effectiveness of traditional advertising channels, companies will now have to globalize the operations in one way or another. The industry has seen an increasing trend of companies partnering with technology providers to create an integrated application to manage marketing metadata and leverage standards-based architecture to deliver business functionality quickly. Hence, in the very near future, global strategic planning will become an essential factor for the success of the enterprise. The EMG conference seeks to explore how the disciplines of Enterprise Systems, Accounting, Finance ...

GSTF THpR - 5th Annual Tourism and Hospitality Research

Date: 11-Dec-17 to 12-Dec-17
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Developing a successful business strategy for an organization involves the formulation of an effective competitive strategy as an integral component of its strategic planning process. The strategic planning process guides the successful implementation of the business strategy and is instrumental in helping the organization gain a sustainable competitive advantage and create value for all its stakeholders. The Annual International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality Research (THoR) provides an opportunity for academicians, researchers, experienced professionals and business practitioners from across the world to share the findings of their latest research on these topics with the community.

AACP Psychiatry Update Encore Presentation

Date: 10-Dec-17 to 12-Dec-17
Location: Las Vegas / United States
At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to: - Review current treatment pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic strategies for management of a range of disorders, including treatment-resistant depression and schizophrenia, substance abuse disorders, malingering, and personality disorders. - Discuss individualized treatment approaches to psychiatric and neurological disorders in special populations, including women, children, and the elderly. - Address controversies in psychiatric management, including medical marijuana, the role of social media, and the appropriate uses of antipsychotic agents. This activity is designed for general, pediatric and adolescent and geriatric psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, ...

HackerX - Berlin (Full-Stack) Employer Ticket - 12/12

Date: 12-Dec-17 to 12-Dec-17
Location: Berlin / Germany    (Not an employer? Our events are invite-only but you can apply here) Hiring developers is hard. HackerX is an invite-only recruiting event for developers in 50+ cities globally and has a community of over 50,000+ members. We've hand picked and recruited some of the top developers in your city so you don't have to. Meet face-to-face with qualified and screened developers and make your next great hire. MEET 50+ TOP DEVELOPERS Our events are organized in rapid speed-dating format (5 minutes each) to keep things engaging and fun. It ensures you can meet the most the developers. PAST COMPANIES     WHY ATTEND? - Get in front of developers face-to-face and skip the back and forth emailing and phone tag.  - Showcase your company's brand and technologies to let the ...

Leading SAFe® with SA Certification Durban

Date: 11-Dec-17 to 12-Dec-17
Location: Durban / South Africa
Applying a Lean-Agile mindset with SAFe With SAFe 4 Agilist Certification Based on version 4.5 of SAFe Develop a skillset that’s in demand worldwide—and empower your enterprise to succeed in a disruptive marketplace—when you become a SAFe 4 Agilist (SA). During this two-day course, you’ll learn the principles and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe), how to execute and release value through Agile Release Trains, and what it means to lead a Lean-Agile transformation at enterprise scale. You will gain an understanding of the Lean-Agile mindset and why it’s so effective in today’s adapt-or-die marketplace. You’ll also get practical advice on supporting Agile teams and programs, empowering a Lean Portfolio, building a continuous delivery pipeline and DevOps culture, and ...

Palo Alto Networks: Ultimate Test Drive - Advanced Endpoint Protection

Date: 12-Dec-17 to 12-Dec-17
Location: France
Triompher des acteurs malveillantsSavez-vous que le Endpoint est classé comme la cible numéro 1 des cyberattaques dans le rapport NTT Global Threat Intelligence en 2015? Savez-vous que le Endpoint est classé comme la cible numéro 1 des cyberattaques dans le rapport NTT Global Threat Intelligence en 2015? Malgré leur posture sur la résolution du problème, les solutions actuelles du Endpoint ne peuvent pas, proactivement, prévenir les attaques initiales et leurs diffusions de l’infection. A cause de cela, les professionnels de la sécurité, déjà soumis aux contraintes liées au temps d’exécution de la menace, font, maintenant, face à l’augmentation du coût d’investigation de l’exploitation du Endpoint et aux impacts de la remise en état des systèmes. Venez participer à la révolution et ...

TNW New York

Date: 12-Dec-17 to 12-Dec-17
Location: New York / United States
NOW / NEXT IN TECHNOLOGY, COMMUNICATION & MEDIA The fifth edition of TNW New York is designed for decision-makers looking to explore the digital technologies transforming the Tech, Communication and Media industries. This year we're keeping it cosy and curated by operating an invite-only policy. If you want to be one of a thousand industry leaders discovering, discussing and shaping what’s Now and Next in digital this December, then apply for your invitation now. NOW Actionable insights that you can implement to transform your business now. Throughout the day, 135 industry thought leaders will guide you through small-group sessions and in-depth roundtable chats about the techniques and tactics that disrupting companies are using at this very moment. More than 220 ...

Palo Alto Networks: Session Technologique de Palo Alto Networks

Date: 12-Dec-17 to 12-Dec-17
Location: Lyon / France
Palo Alto Networks a le plaisir de vous convier à une session technologique le prochain 12 décembre, à partir de 9.00, au Kohe Meeting, Lyon .  Cette session sera pour vous l’occasion d’accéder aux dernières informations concernant les nouveautés de Palo Alto Networks . Au programme :  9.00 – 9.30 : Accueil café 9.30 – 10.00 : présentation de la plateforme Palo Alto Networks 10.00 – 11.00 : Nouvelles solutions Logging Services & Global Protect 11.00 – 11.15 : Pause-café 11.15 – 12.00 : Analyse comportementale avec LightCyber 12.00 – 12.45 : Refresh Traps

Tech Foundry Open House

Date: 08-Feb-17 to 13-Dec-17
We welcome all those looking to start a new career in IT, to take a tour of our space, talk with our staff about the requirements of the program, and get some more information. Employers looking for a new source of tech talent are also welcome to stop by, see the qualified candidates who have verifiable skills in IT, speak to our director of strategic partnerships, and see what it takes to become a partner.