Conferences on December 17, 2017

Skills Gap Crisis: Should Business Take the Lead? Lunch Discussion

Date: 17-Jan-17 to 17-Dec-17
Location: London / United Kingdom
Why do we need to address the skills gap issue? The skills gap is arguably now deep enough to be considered a crisis. Too many of our young people are leaving education completely unprepared for the world of work, lacking in basic numeracy, literacy and communication skills. Furthermore, the lack of core digital and specific industry skills is a great cause of concern for business leaders. News coverage constantly brings to mind how deep the crisis is. Consequently, businesses worry about the future of their workforce and how they will provide further training for young people. Given this situation, should business leaders be stepping up further to drive radical change within the education system? Join Westminster Business Council, business leaders, policy and education ...

TMS The Makeup Shop

Date: 16-Dec-17 to 17-Dec-17
Location: New York / United States
Don’t miss the return of the TMS Makeup Shop NYC This is your chance to shop an exclusive luxury beauty sale that introduces all the makeup must-haves and beauty secrets of the professionals to beauty lovers of all kinds! Stock up on your favorites and shop all the trends we see on the runways, red carpets, and favorite celebrities while you refine your skill-set with instruction from some of the most well-known artists in the industry today! Network with brands execs and CEO’s, unite with industry insiders, and meet your favorite artists and influencers at our 2 day shop! TMS Makeup Shop is the perfect place for everyone to shop sales of over 40 brands at steep discounts and sample sale prices, from brands including MAKE UP FOR EVER, Crown Brush, Alcone…. and more!

Improving sustainability International conference 2017

Date: 16-Dec-17 to 18-Dec-17
Location: Cairo / Egypt
Improving Sustainability Concept in Developing Countries, organized by IEREK, is considered to be the first step in spreading science and knowledge through this organization

Welding & Cutting Middle East

Date: 17-Dec-17 to 19-Dec-17
In the last two editions, exhibitors have presented their latest products, services and technologies relating to manual and machine welding in one of the world's largest growing markets of the future. The Global Welding Equipment market has also been witnessing the shift from manual to automatic welding. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing demand from the Energy, Construction, and Automotive industries.

Tube Middle East

Date: 17-Dec-17 to 19-Dec-17
The demand for steel is growing by 5% – 6% annually. Middle East countries including the UAE have the world’s largest oil and natural gas reserves and are among the richest countries in the world. The stable oil and gas industry is fuelling the growth in the pipe and tube industry.

Metal Middle East

Date: 17-Dec-17 to 19-Dec-17
Metal Middle East, the only specialized and established event of its kind in the Middle East showcasing the latest trend in the Industry to fulfill the demands of ever increasing Manufacturing and allied Industry sector. Foundry • Castings • Foundry equipments • Foundry materials • Foundry moulds and patterns • Foundry jigs and fixtures • Foundry technology Metallurgy • Processing equipment of metallurgical raw materials • Smelting technology and equipment • Continuous casting technology and equipment • Rolling technology and equipment • Electronic control equipment, inspection equipment and data processing • Metallurgical auxiliary material • Metallurgical products and by-products • Metallurgical environmental protection technology and equipment • Production equipment and ...

Digital Agency

Date: 01-Dec-17 to 20-Dec-17
Location: Indonesia
TWOMC Creative Digital Agency. Contact our offices at Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Canada.

Innovation Roundtable Series 2017

Date: 28-Jun-17 to 20-Dec-17
Location: United States
Participate in this open and energizing roundtable series throughout 2017. Expertly moderated to spark business insights, action steps and professional connections - you'll spend time with a room of Innovators and Leaders from various industries in the Nashua/Greater Boston area. JUNE ROUNDTABLE EVENT Date: June 28th // 12 noon to 1pm Topic: Innovation & the Art of Defining Boundaries Every engineering use case starts with boundaries, but they are not limited to technical implementations alone. Your entire team needs to learn the advantages of working with Boundaries, and why something that seems like a limitation can be the best tool to lead to success. In this roundtable explore: What are the Boundaries of your project, product or company itself? Why do Boundaries ...

IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards

Date: 17-Dec-17 to 20-Dec-17
IFRS are well established as the global accounting standards for all business sectors. IFRS are being implemented in every industry and organisation. The challenge is to keep updated with the changes and new standards that are being released on a regular basis. Therefore, learning to apply these standards properly is no more a luxury but a necessity for every accountant, auditor, financial analyst and financial professional. The correct adoption of IFRS promises organisations many benefits, including enhanced investor confidence, greater consistency and transparency of financial reporting, as well as the ability to compare financial information from companies around the world. This course will ensure you are fully aware of all the recent developments in international accounting, by ...

Python for Data Science (Evenings)

Date: 04-Dec-17 to 20-Dec-17
Location: United States
December 4th - December 20th, from 6.15pm to 9.00pm. Total in-Class Hours: 20 Our program serves as the foundation for many well-known concepts of data science. We teach practical techniques and algorithms for extracting and studying useful knowledge from data. This course is not a theory class as we believe there are many ways to learn statistics and analytics concepts on your own. We are providing students with a set of practical tools for data science and knowledge on how to apply Python to solve linear algebra, statistics, and probability problems. This course is designed to fill the gap between theoretical academic research and the needs of the industry. We will start with a crash course on the basics of the Python programming language and then learn how to use Python to turn raw ...