Conferences on February 15, 2018

Practical Neuroradiology: Excellence Through Evidence and Guidelines

Date: 11-Feb-18 to 15-Feb-18
Location: United States
Practical Neuroradiology: Excellence Through Evidence and Guidelines is intended to provide a clinically-relevant discussion of common diseases involving the brain, head/neck, and spine. In addition to the use of case-based imaging reviews to highlight pearls and pitfalls in diagnostic neuroradiology, existing guidelines and recent literature will be discussed in a matter that is germane to the daily practice of evidence-based medicine. Teaching points will be reinforced by integrating self-assessment throughout the course. Practical Neuroradiology: Excellence Through Evidence and Guidelines is designed for the practicing radiologist whose work involves neuroradiology, or those involved in the neurourological sciences, neurosurgery, neurology, and/or related fields. Credit: Mayo ...

3rd DNA Replication/Repair Structures and Cancer Conference, Mexico, 2018

Date: 11-Feb-18 to 15-Feb-18
Location: Mexico
The remarkable stability of the human genome is lost in cancer cells due to the failure of efficient and accurate repair in the context of oncogene-induced replication stress and elevated transcription. DNA replication is furthermore emerging as a surprisingly fragile and complex process requiring fork protection and restart, template-switching, R-loop resolution, gap-filling, and repair. Unresolved replication and repair intermediates signal apoptosis. The synthetic lethality and essentiality resulting from replication-repair stresses thus suggest repair inhibitors as tools to control pathway selection and damage outcomes and to design advanced therapeutics. The meeting will focus on structural and mechanistic insights into dynamic protein, chromatin, DNA and RNA complexes acting in ...

Palo Alto Networks: Google Event

Date: 15-Feb-18 to 15-Feb-18
Location: United States
Most would agree leveraging public cloud has brought many benefits to organizations around the world, allocating appropriate resources where and when they are needed, near real-time. Given hybrid and public cloud offerings are maturing, much has been learned about how to effectively leverage this elastic technology, and make it better in the process. Please join  Palo Alto Networks ®  and Google as we jointly launch the next generation secure public cloud offering from Google GCP. We’ll have several keynotes from the world’s most influential technologists and leaders of organizations revolutionizing an already innovative space. Control, cost and security are all considerations when evaluating how you’ll potentially leverage multi-tenant resources of the “public cloud”, which will be the ...

GDPR for Dummies European Roadshow - Geneva (15/02/2018)

Date: 15-Feb-18 to 15-Feb-18
Location: Geneva / Switzerland
In an age of uncertainty, the one certainty for 2018 is the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In order to assist European organisations take a practical, business orientated approach to GDPR, the team at MetaCompliance are having an executive briefing in key European cities. These include London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Berlin and Geneva. Whether you are kickstarting your privacy project or looking for ways to ramp up your existing programs, these breakfast briefings are designed to provide practical advice and assistance. Focusing on the realities of implementing GDPR, these practical briefings will expand on our team's field experience gained from multiple GDPR projects. In addition, the co-author of the official GDPR for Dummies guide,...

CODING ALL-STAR - Winter Season

Date: 15-Feb-18 to 15-Feb-18
Location: Paris / France
Autre nouveauté cette saison, un nouveau langage s’ajoute au programme, Java entre dans l’arène pour pimenter le challenge ! Cette saison, ça sera aussi l’occasion de se frotter à la league SG !! Eh oui, les Développeurs Société Générale seront aussi dans le challenge, une belle façon de voir comment on travaille chez Société Générale :) Après, on ne change rien : des hot-dogs et des boisssons seront bien évidemment servis tout le long de la soirée. Alors, quelle league allez-vous rejoindre ? Serez-vous un JavaScript Ninja, un Python Wizard ou un Java Cyborg ?

Positive Mindfulness: Your Pathway to Authentic Happiness; Level One

Date: 06-Feb-18 to 15-Feb-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
Positive Mindfulness brings the technique of mindfulness to the practice of the latest scientific principles of Positive Psychology. It is the pathway to authentic happiness, happiness which can be experienced intensly, constantly and consistently through training of the mind and development of your potential skills, talents and strengths. This is an introductory level one course where I will take you through learning the technique of mindfulness for application in key areas of your life through the principles of Positive Psychology dealing with positive emotions, their development to increase your emotional intelligence; developing character strengths; effective self-regulation and developing positive relationships. It will be an interactive and exciting way of learning technqiues and ...

International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes

Date: 14-Feb-18 to 17-Feb-18
Location: Vienna / Austria
The innovative 11th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2018), which will be held in Vienna, Austria on 14-17 February 2018 will offer a top scientific program with the contributions from world renowned experts specialized in Diabetes. The ATTD brings together clinicians, such as diabetologists, endocrinologists as well as pediatricans, family medicine practitioners, scientists, engineers, start-ups, investors, medical corporations, regulators and payers from all over the world who take part in the conference, to share knowledge and develop collaborations. ATTD 2018 promises to be an outstanding scientific meeting and we are delighted to welcome you take part in it, in the exciting and bustling city of Vienna. Abstract Submission ...

Excellent placement mongodb training centre in Bangalore

Date: 19-Feb-17 to 18-Feb-18
Location: India
Mongodb is one of many cross-platform documented oriented databases and the leading no sql database. Our training consultants or trainers are highly qualified and experienced to deliver high-quality mongodb training courses Bangalore. Our team of certified experts have designed our course. Last year our training students are placed in many companies. All students are developing their own projects. We have made a course at ease and programme of study is student’s requirement. Our fees value is very moderate for all the candidates. Mongodb training in Bangalore teach based on current industry needs. Since the staffs are working in MNC Company so they are also known what is the expectation of IT industry. Soon they will teach easy and simple methods and the industry based trainings are ...

Epigenetics, From Mechanisms to Disease Conference, Cancun Mexico, 2018

Date: 15-Feb-18 to 18-Feb-18
Location: Mexico
The DNA of eukaryotic cells is organized into chromatin fibres, where the nucleosome is the basic repeating unit. Chromatin is thus at the core of fundamental processes such as gene regulation, stem cell fate determination and cancer. By and large, these topics have traditionally been covered by separated meetings. However, recent literature indicates that the boundaries among these various disciplines are becoming less clear. This meeting on "Epigenetics: from mechanisms to disease" will bring together scientists studying chromatin architecture, epigenetics, stem cell biology and cancer. The talks will cover a broad range of topics, including chromosome organisation, long-range interactions, chromatin assembly, stem cell regulation/differentiation, RNA-based mechanisms, ...

CNR Eurasia Boat Show

Date: 10-Feb-18 to 18-Feb-18
Location: Istanbul / Turkey
Splendid event of the Turkish Marine Industry where the continents meet: Eurasia Boat Show 2018 will be held between 10-18 February 2018 at CNR Expo Yeşilköy İstanbul, Turkey. As being one of the largest on-land boat shows, Eurasia Boat Show brings Turkish and global marine industry together. The Show hosts mega, medium and small class yachts, motor boats, sailboats, catamarans, along wih marine equipment and accessories. More than 1.000 brands meet with marine enthusiasts and professionals. Every year, the Show welcomes marine enthusiasts, exhibitors from all around the world, Turkish marine industry leaders, celebrities, domestic and international editors, professionals from every segment of the marine indusrty. The Eurasia Boat Show is organized in cooperation with the Turkish ...