Conferences on February 17, 2018

The European Information Security Summit 2018

Date: 20-Jun-17 to 21-Feb-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
Join TEISS and discover the latest market developments, best practices and forward-looking advice from your peers from your industry and others including Finance, Retail, Technology, Public sector, Media, Healthcare, Utilities and many others. This event covers various stages of the cyber security lifecycle at different seniority levels, enabling every information security and information technology professional to find the right combination of sessions for their needs. Create a bespoke security programme to suit you! We will be opening the doors for the sixth time to welcome CIOs, CISOs, CROs, CSOs and CTOs as well as Heads, Directors and Managers of Information Security, Information Technology, Risk, Fraud, Operations, Security, Control, Innovation, Architecture, Infrastructure, ...

Kids Coding - Ages 11 - 15 - Beginners Coding

Date: 17-Jan-18 to 21-Feb-18
Location: Toronto / Canada
A 6 week 12 hours of exciting adventure to introduce coding skills to kids. A play based coding program, in a collaborative classroom setting we will imagine, design debate and create with code. Learn how a computer works and the principles of coding. Understand life cycle of coding. Through various hands on games we will learn about coding principles from ideation to implementation. Get your sneakers on. We will be playing fun games like "Loopy Loop", "SORRY - you have dialled the wrong condition", "Would ARRAY number 400 please stand up?", etc. These games are part of CODE-IT HACKS unique curriculum and methodology to introduce coding concepts in a super fun manner. Using MIT's Block base SCRATCH platform, create and animate characters by learning ...

Online Training in Apache Storm Course

Date: 08-Nov-16 to 23-Feb-18
Location: United States
Apache Storm Training is structured to learn real time analytics about the wide variety of streamed data. Storm makes it easy to process unbounded streams of data, doing for realtime processing. Storm is reliable, simple, and can be used with any programming language, and is a lot of fun to use when trained by the professionals. Key Features: 30 Hrs of Instructor Led Online Training High Quality E-Learning Content Practical Oriented Approach Customized Course Content as per your requirement Access to the Recorded Sessions Get Resume Preparation Learn from Certified and Expert Trainers Flexible Payment terms For more information Please visit our website:- To Attend Free Demo (Or) for any Queries Write to us at (or) Call us on USA :- +...

AstroLans Digital Marketing Track

Date: 16-Feb-18 to 24-Feb-18
Day 1 – Comprehensive Digital Marketing Workshop Friday February 16th, 2018 10:00am-4:00pm This workshop will focus on how to implement a successful online marketing strategy, by learning about every important marketing channel. Understand the advantages of each channel, and how you can use them to achieve your marketing and business goals. Day 2 – Mastering Google Analytics Workshop Saturday February 17th, 2018 10:00am-4:00pm Learn to Master Google Analytics: Track the important KPI’s needed for your business, tell stories with your data, Import Advanced Metrics & Dimensions, Customize Your Reports & Dashboards with the exact data you need, Automate key processes, and get Google certified. Day 3 -Google Analytics Exam Monday February 19th, 2018 6:30pm – 9:30pm, ...

The Power of Mythology 4 Week Course in London - February 2018

Date: 05-Feb-18 to 26-Feb-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
Over thousands of years, myths have helped human beings to understand aspects of life that the rational mind finds difficult to grasp (love, death, mystery...). Great philosophers like Plato have used myths and fables to explain their key concepts. Still today, we find the archetypal patterns of myth in books like Lord of the Rings or films like Star Wars. This 4-week course (4 evenings over a month) will introduce you to the archetypal structure of mythology and its important role in promoting our spiritual and psychological well-being. Topics of the 4 evenings: - 5 Feb 18: Myths, Symbols and Rituals as means of access to the Sacred and as tools for understanding and facing the trials of life. - 12 Feb 18: The Myth of Cupid and Psyche: a key to understanding the mysteries of ...

Biostatistics Assignment Help

Date: 02-Mar-17 to 05-Mar-18
Location: United States
At Assignments Web, we provide business statistics assignment, biostatistics and bayesian estimation homework help services to the students by the best online Statistics experts. Assignment help is a kind of service where we provide students with the assignment solution in the best possible manner and we make sure to meet all the requirements to complete the assignment for students.

Entertainment in Bath

Date: 13-Jan-18 to 14-Mar-18
Location: United Kingdom
In the 1700s, Bath was second only to London for the quality and variety of music, art and theatre on offer. Musicians, artists and actors would come to the city to entertain the wealthy spa visitors who needed diversions when they weren’t busy with treatments. Here they would develop their skills and attract a following and a good reputation before moving on to further fame and fortune in London. Entertainment in Bath features works from the Victoria Art Gallery’s collection, as well as loans from the National Portrait Gallery and Royal Collection Trust. They depict the creative stars of regency Bath and the venues where they performed. Highlights include portraits by Gainsborough, Bath’s society painter in the 1700s and works by Georgian comic artist, Thomas Rowlandson. Gambling ...

Revitalising & Enhancing Town Centres

Date: 14-Feb-18 to 15-Mar-18
Location: Australia
Whether supporting growth or revitalising a struggling centre, there are common strategies, tools and approaches for maximising economic opportunities and meeting stakeholder expectations. The Revitalising & Enhancing Town Centres conference will address how local council’s can work better with their stakeholders to develop town and suburban centres that are economically vibrant, sustainable and adaptable places. Key learnings: - Understand and work with stakeholders better - Better manage the disconnect between planning, design & market reality - Realise the benefits of a place making approach - Unlock development potential to support growth and investment - Empower businesses and retailers to boost a centre economy Who will attend? Local Councils, with ...

Rogers Customer Service | Helpline Toll Free Number

Date: 19-Jan-17 to 16-Mar-18
Location: New York / United States
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Curso de Liderança Pessoal

Date: 11-Jan-18 to 16-Mar-18
Location: Portugal
Como funciona este curso? Este curso é constituído por vários temas organizados em workshops temáticos que se sucedem e complementam.O método de formação acontece com as seguintes interações: Emissão em direto - aula online ao vivo, onde os formandos podem (e devem!) interagir com a formadora e a restante turma ->  aula é disponibilizada posteriormente em formato gravado para que os formandos possam repetir ou assistir em diferido caso não possam estar presentes em alguma aula Vídeos gravados de temas de apoio e explicação dos exercícios Videochamada / chamada individual - para esclarecimento de questões individuais dos formandos Email - com alertas de informação sobre o curso, as propostas de trabalho e os diretos Online Interativa - os formandos terão acesso a plataforma de ...