Conferences on June 04, 2018

Big data analytics training in Bangalore with placement

Date: 10-Jun-17 to 04-Jun-18
Location: India
If you are looking for big data analytics training in Bangalore, come and join the training in Bangalore institute. We give lots of offers for the students. First we conduct the demo class. It is free for all the students. The demo class is conducted for which course you want to study and the related topics are also explained. Our demo class is very helpful for all the students. The presentation class is covered by all the topics for big data analytics. This will surely help for all the students. Our analytics training will be planned on weekdays, weekend’s class. Contact our support team through +91 9513332301/02/03 or

Targeting Therapy of Alzheimer’s and Related Neurodegenerative Diseases

Date: 01-Jun-18 to 04-Jun-18
Location: Bahamas
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common age-dependent neurodegenerative disease, which affects over 5 million people in the US and over 35 million people worldwide. Currently, only four drugs are approved for alleviating symptoms in AD patients, and no new therapy has been approved for AD since 2003. Other related neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease (PD), Huntington’s disease (HD), and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) are also age-dependent and lack effective therapies. Hence, finding cures for AD and other related neurodegenerative diseases is urgent and various approaches should be actively pursued. This planed conference intends to bring leading scientists and clinicians from all over the world to present their unpublished observations or findings to attendees ...

Adelaide - Free professional development for primary school teachers

Date: 04-Jun-18 to 04-Jun-18
Location: Adelaide / Australia
This workshop provides an opportunity for teachers and curriculum leaders to build their understanding of how to authentically connect dimensions of the Australian Curriculum to promote values education. Led by the knowledgeable and dynamic, Dr Tracey McAskill, don’t miss out on this opportunity to refresh practice and find ways to connect learning across the curriculum. Dr Tracey McAskill, formerly a consultant to ACARA, has an intimate understanding of the design and intention of the Australian Curriculum. The workshop will transform current practice and free educators from what they perceive as an overcrowded curriculum. The centrepiece of this workshop is a newly developed resource that was written by teachers for teachers. Sponsored by the ATO, this resource connects the learning ...

Charla Gratuita: Balance térmico para calefacción y aire acondicionado

Date: 04-Jun-18 to 04-Jun-18
Location: Argentina
El balance térmico se realiza mediante una serie de cálculos considerando las pérdidas y ganacias de calor de un cerramiento o una edificación. Tener en cuenta este cálculo te permitirá optimizar cualquier proyecto de instalación ya sea de calefacción o de aire acondicionado. En esta charla vamos a aprender que factores tener en cuenta para realizar un cálculo correcto.  Te esperamos para que saques todas tus dudas.


Date: 04-Jun-18 to 04-Jun-18
Location: Brazil
PALESTRA GRÁTIS AO VIVO REVELAUm método com 4 passos para entender e anunciar no Facebook O QUE VOCÊ VAI VER Público Segmentado - Porque o seu post não deve aparecer para quem não interessa. Maneira ideal de postar - Existem passos a seguir em postagens que levam o consumidor a tomar uma decisão. Quanto gastar no Facebook? - Você sabe quanto investir em cada publicação antes mesmo de publicar? Existe um método para definir isso. Mensurar - Como definir quanto custa um orçamento, qual cidade está mais barata ou mais cara para anunciar. Maiores Informações WhatsApp (19)99206-6656

2nd International Congress on Microbiology

Date: 04-Jun-18 to 05-Jun-18
We are organizing the 2nd International Congress on Microbiology (Microbiology Congress 2018) on June 04-05, 2018 at Baltimore, USA with eminent professors, doctors, industrialists sharing their experiences and views about their work. The scientific program paves the way for gathering visionaries through the research talks and presentations and puts forward many thought provoking strategies.

2nd Patient Experience Forum

Date: 04-Jun-18 to 05-Jun-18
Location: United States
The 2nd Patient Experience Conference will provide an exploratory view into patient and customer experience strategies while serving as an ideal meeting and networking place for leaders to collaborate on common challenges. This event will focus on strategies, and key on how to integrate the patient experience into organizational culture and daily business. It will also strengthen your strategy on Patient Engagement and how to best incorporate the patient experience into drug development process. You will learn from leaders in the industry and obtain better practices to bring back to your organization. Join us for engaging sessions on analyzing patient behaviors, going beyond survey results, empowering patients, enhancing the employee experience and improving your business.

Pre-Filled Syringes West Coast conference

Date: 04-Jun-18 to 05-Jun-18
Location: San Diego / United States
NEW FOR 2018: • Explore and engage with the evolving industry of pharmaceutical manufacturing related to PFS, from cross-site development to navigating injection technologies through the design life-cycle • Assess quality control systems and risk-based control strategies for drug delivery • Consider the importance of Human Factors Engineering, from Rate of Return to the Design History • Highlights on emerging trends of technologies and studies to assist device and drug formulation • Perceive the regulatory expectations from cross-border perspectives in the EU and US and what can we do to face these Leading pharmaceutical speakers: • Ron Forster, Director, Process Development, • Darin Oppenheimer, Executive Director, Drug Device Center of ...

SPE Workshop Petrophysics XXI

Date: 04-Jun-18 to 05-Jun-18
Location: Russia
This year the SPE Workshop on Petrophysics will cover digital and machine technologies. The participants will have an opportunity to share their experience on digital analysis and petrophysical smart tools development for timesaving, analysis efficiency improvement, big heterogeneous data management and saving time for decision making, a generalization of results and development of new approaches to the interpretation of complex reservoirs and hard-to-recover reserves evaluation. The following topics are to be discussed: - Innovative Methods of Core - Complex Reservoirs - Interpretation of Special Production Logging - Production Logging Data Interpretation in Horizontal - Rock Physics and Geomechanics. - Modern Production Logging Methods: ...

Predictive Analytics World – Five-in-One Mega-Conference, Vegas 2018

Date: 03-Jun-18 to 07-Jun-18
Location: Las Vegas / United States
In 2018, there will be only one Predictive Analytics World in the US: Mega-PAW, June 5-6, 2018 in Las Vegas. The largest PAW ever, this premier event will feature five (5) conferences at once: PAW Business, PAW Financial, PAW Healthcare, PAW Manufacturing – plus the inaugural Deep Learning World. Predictive Analytics World is the leading cross-vendor event covering the commercial deployment of machine learning and predictive analytics. It is THE business event for predictive analytics professionals, managers, and practitioners, covering today's commercial deployment of predictive analytics and machine learning, across industries and across software vendors. The conference delivers case studies, expertise and resources to achieve four objectives: • The Best of Data Science: Deliver ...