Conferences on October 15, 2018

Vortrag: Die DSGVO in der Praxis

Date: 02-Aug-18 to 15-Oct-18
Location: Hamburg / Germany
Vortrag: Die DSGVO in der Praxis Ab dem 25. Mai 2018 gelten für alle Unternehmen in Europa verschärfte Datenschutzregelungen. In diesem zweistündigen Vortrag erfahren Sie, wie Sie die DSGVO praxisorientiert umsetzen. Fokus des Vortrags ist die datenschutzkonforme Datenverarbeitung sowie die Wahrung der Rechte der Betroffenen durch eine Umsetzung der DSGVO in bestehende Geschäftsprozesse. Am Beispiel werden übertragbare Verfahren erläutert, mit deren Hilfe Unternehmer die Handlungen ihres Tagesgeschäfts konform der neuen Richtlinien gestalten können. Der Vortrag dient dazu, sich einen ersten Überblick zu verschaffen und Handlungsbedarf richtig einschätzen zu können. Nach der Teilnahme an unserem Vortrag empfiehlt es sich, an einem unserer Workshops teilzunehmen.   Themenübersicht des ...

Argus Fuel Oil Summit

Date: 14-Oct-18 to 16-Oct-18
The fuel oil and bunker markets continue to be a major focus of discussion, uncertainty and opportunity. The IMO Marpol regulation still have vast uncertainties on how this will affect the residual bunker market and 202 is quickly approaching. What will compliance look like? How will regulations be enforced? What will the penalties be? Even aside from the new sulfur standards, what is the anticipated outlook for the VGO and heavy feedstocks markets? What equipment will refiners need to invest in how large will the expected financial commitment be? What is the outlook for utilities around the globe to use oil as a generation fuel? With all these looming uncertainties, how do cash-strapped shipping industry deal with the tough investment decisions it faces?

Europe's Local Search Summit -The Digital Future

Date: 15-Oct-18 to 16-Oct-18
Location: Croatia
Location and Personalization to Enhance the Search and User Giving users content tailored to their interests, needs, and location is the key to making the most of what technology has to offer, regardless if it is mobile, tablet or desktop. Personalization, is when an app, piece of software, or your favorite music streamer adapts itself based on the knowledge it already has about you, without you having to put much forth much effort at all. It is like magic, and you are happier consumer and the business trying to reach you is has a more effect target. So how are SMB’s doing this? How are they targeting customers and how can re-sellers help SMB’s advertise more effectively using these new technologies? What does the current landscape digital landscape look and what are the new ...

The Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Hackathon, Sheffield

Date: 15-Oct-18 to 16-Oct-18
Location: United Kingdom
If you’re excited about the future of AI and are keen to solve business challenges in the aerospace industry, you’ll love this 2-day hackathon. Rolls-Royce is looking for tech talent - graduates, developers, data scientists, and computer vision startups to build an automated decision-making system for inspection processes. A chance to work with Rolls-Royce and if you make a stunning impression, and bag a cash prize of £10,000. Participants will have access to top-level mentors from Rolls-Royce who will help them through the all event. Places are limited, apply now!

Palo Alto Networks: 2018 ACC Conference

Date: 14-Oct-18 to 16-Oct-18
Location: United States
We are excited to announce that the 30th annual ACC Conference will be held in Little Rock again this year! Our Conference Advisory Board is working hard to provide educational and networking opportunities designed to recharge and inspire you.

Chemical Development & Scale-Up, Seattle, USA

Date: 15-Oct-18 to 17-Oct-18
Location: Seattle / United States
Chemical process development is generally not taught as part of degree courses in higher education; the conversion of a synthetic route used for making milligram or gram quantities of a chemical into a process for manufacturing multi-kilogram and tonne quantities is typically learnt “on the job” by chemists in industry. For many years, little chemical development work was published in the literature, until the establishment of the Organic Process R & D journal by Dr Trevor Laird (Founder of Scientific Update). Even now, “tricks of the trade” are handed down within individual company organisations, and it can be difficult to gain an awareness of what is involved in chemical development, and of the skills and techniques required to efficiently scale up chemical processes. This three-...

SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference

Date: 15-Oct-18 to 17-Oct-18
Location: Moscow / Russia
The SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference, one of the largest Russian oil and gas events, is known for bringing together global industry leaders, including experts from operating and service companies, universities, and research institutes, as well as young professionals, and students. Since its inception in 2006, the SPE Russian Petroleum Technical Conference has grown in strength. The event is gaining significance among industry professionals through the unique opportunity it provides to exchange experiences and ideas in a non-profit, non-competitive environment, and to establish business contacts with regional and international colleagues.

7th European Trial Master File Summit

Date: 15-Oct-18 to 17-Oct-18
Location: United Kingdom
Europe’s Select TMF Event — Superior Networking and Dissemination of Successful This summit continues to grow in popularity and renown among discerning TMF professionals. Pioneering and illustrious leaders of the 7th European TMF Summit constitute a high calibre speaking faculty who are eager to share their insights and experiences. The synergy of each year’s cohort amplifies the compelling and meaningful content that this event is known for. The rich discourse and participatory character of the case studies, interactive workshops, panels and expository sessions ensure that you will to return to work prepared, equipped and confident your ability to realize continuous improvement; The quality and immediate relevance of topics are assured every year by the certainty that this ...

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Awareness

Date: 18-Jul-18 to 17-Oct-18
Location: Nigeria
Dominite Certifications Course: ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Awareness – 1 Day Introduction Dominite Certification Services Course on ISO 9001:2015 Awareness will give participants extensive understanding of ISO 9001:2015 and the importance of the Standard in your company’s quest for meeting customer requirements and deliver customer satisfaction. Cost: N40,000/Participant Date: 18th July 2018 Time: 9:00AM to 5:30PM Venue:  LCCI Conference And Exhibition Centre, 10, Nurudeen Olowopopo Drive, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria Deadline for Registration: 13th July 2018 - 11:00PM Course Overview In this 21st Century business environment with intense global competitiveness on the rising, customer requirements are becoming more increasing as well as the ...

The Gathering

Date: 14-Oct-18 to 17-Oct-18
Location: United States
You are invited to attend: The Gathering What:  An Intimate Instagram Workshop & Retreat Where:  Gathering Oaks Estate, just outside Waco, TX. A completely private 30-acre estate with modern amenities and vintage charm GENEROUSLY SPONSORED BY OLDE WOOD LTD @oldewoodltd Adams & Company @adamsandcompany When:  Sunday, Oct 14th 4:00pm - Wednesday, October 17th Who:  A women-only bonding experience designed for influencers/bloggers and business owners who want to use Instagram to achieve their dreams. All levels are welcome Limit:  48 Guests Come join us for the most important developmental event of your Instagram career. Awaken Your Purpose! Be part of the First Ever Instagram event of its kind! We have created original, up-to-date, results-...