Conferences on September 07, 2019

18th European Burns Association Congress

Date: 04-Sep-19 to 07-Sep-19
Location: Finland
Dear friends and colleagues, In 2019 the 19th European Burn Association´s congress will be held in Helsinki, Finland. The 2003 congress was hosted by Bergen, Norway and now we have the privilege to host the meeting for the second time in the Nordic countries. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a popular congress city situated by the sea with very good flight connections from everywhere in Europe. The Marina Congress Center is located in the very centre of the Helsinki City, right next to the sea and within easy walking distance from most central hotels. The city offers a variety of interesting tourist attractions, architecture, museums, beautiful nature and, of course, the Finnish sauna, an essential experience for the adventurous! Towards the end of the Finnish summer, the weather in ...

FT Weekend Festival

Date: 07-Sep-19 to 07-Sep-19
Location: United Kingdom
The FT Weekend Festival returns for its fourth year with bigger and bolder ambitions. Authors, chefs, FT columnists, robots, designers, artists, adventurers, and, of course, experts, yes, experts, debate the ideas and passions of 2019 from the march of artificial intelligence and the quest for the perfect wine to wherever we are on Brexit. The all-day event in the grounds of Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath, will unfold on a series of stages: Food & Drink, Literature & Life, How To Spend It, House & Home, FT Money, Arts, Travel, Tech Tonic and the FTWeekend stage for the principal debates. In short it will be the FT Weekend live...we look forward to welcoming you. FT Subscribers save money on their ticket.

Hepatitis B&C CME Training Program and Treatment Update - San Francisco

Date: 07-Sep-19 to 07-Sep-19
The Scripps National Hepatitis B & C Training Program and Treatment Update will contribute towards increasing the number of health care practitioners educated on the prevalence of chronic viral hepatitis, as well as those properly preventing, diagnosing, treating, and/or referring patients with chronic illness; therefore contributing towards prevention of new cases and improved management of already infected patients.

Modern Ultrasound Techniques in Prenatal Diagnosis

Date: 06-Sep-19 to 07-Sep-19
Location: Italy
The Course is jointly organized by the Centro Europeo per la Medicina e la Ricerca (CEMER) and the Permanent School of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (PSUOG), and is headed by Prof. Graziano Clerici as Scientific Coordinator. The diagnosis of fetal anomalies is one of the most important issues in obstetrics and in our clinical practice. The ability to detect fetal pathologies should neither be a sterile exercise of medical skill nor a skill reserved to the aristocracy of obstetrics and fetal medicine. Diagnosis of fetal pathologies is essential not only to take a decision whether to terminate a pregnancy, but it also helps in avoiding fetal compromises/sequels, choosing the appropriate management for each pathological condition and, in some specific situations, treating the ...

Energy Fields, Subtle Energy, Resonance and Leylines

Date: 07-Sep-19 to 07-Sep-19
Location: Mississauga / Canada
Energy is universal and all around us, even within us. The fundamental principle of energy is that it can never be created nor destroyed. Energy has always existed and will always exist. So why is it important to understand energy? Because we are energy, and this fundamental principle governs our lives. Understanding energy builds the foundation for higher learning in energy healing and spirituality. During this course, you will learn: Universal energy Eastern & Western philosophies of energy Integrative, traditional and non-traditional medicine philosophies Measurable & Subtle energies The structure of the subtle anatomy The fundamentals of particles and waves The different types and forms of energy The three laws on scientific theory of subtle energy We are an ...

Gastroenterology & Hepatology Board Review 2019

Date: 05-Sep-19 to 08-Sep-19
Location: Chicago / United States
COURSE • Access to course recordings until the spring exam with registration* • Mayo Clinic experts deliver the most comprehensive and time-efficient review • Earn more than 30 ABIM MOC points with your CME • Receive a comprehensive list of high-yield facts with daily • Obtain Mayo Clinic study materials including a 100+ question practice • Faculty share more than 15 years of experience successfully preparing individuals for the board • Recommended by more than 98 percent of • Course location easily accessible from around the country with great local • Attend the course in person or via * Recordings are available within 2 weeks from the course, and are accessed online through your account on the course website. ...

Cardio Obstetrics Symposium

Date: 07-Sep-19 to 08-Sep-19
Location: Chicago / United States
The program features a world-renowned faculty of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, obstetricians and anesthesiologists with a long-standing experience in the management of pregnancy associated cardiovascular conditions. The purpose of the symposium is to provide a state of the art, comprehensive review of important topics related to congenital and acquired cardiovascular diseases in pregnancy. The two days program will include didactic reviews of a wide spectrum of topics followed by multidisciplinary panel discussions and case presentations with audience participation. We are looking forward for your participation in this exiting meeting. Uri Elkayam, MD, Professor of Medicine, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Director Maternal University of Southern California, Los ...

Love Food Hack Waste

Date: 06-Sep-19 to 08-Sep-19
Location: Berlin / Germany
BCG Digital Ventures is all about sustainability. Love Food, Hack Waste is an intensive, immersive and interactive two-day hackathon aimed at fighting food waste with creativity and innovation. The hackathon will take place on the 6-8 September at BCG Digital Ventures in Berlin. This unique hackathon is an opportunity for individuals to bring their expertise, brain power and fresh perspectives to generate and develop innovative solutions to fight waste within the food chain. Participants are invited to harness digital technologies to help reduce the amount of food waste in restaurants, supermarkets, homes, etc. Challenge Description: Germans waste around 55 kilograms of food each every year. The German government has set a target of halving food waste by 2030. Come up with creative ...

Agile Starts: Your Path to ScrumMaster (2-Day Training)

Date: 07-Sep-19 to 08-Sep-19
Location: Toronto / Canada
Every organization is looking to become more Agile. But there is a skills gap that prevents people and teams from reaching true success with Agile methods, including Scrum. This is for professionals, experienced and emerging, trying to make sense of Agile and applying it, even experimenting with it. This is a program for people who want to reduce the trial and error when it comes to doing Agile and Scrum Join us and be a better Agile practitioner. Your Path to ScrumMaster Agile Starts offers this 2-day practical training on Agile and Scrum to provide you with a better understanding of Agile and Scrum. This will not be your typical training where you will just be "downloading" information from the trainer, but rather an interactive workshop meant to impart the Agile ...


Date: 07-Sep-19 to 10-Sep-19
Location: Chicago / United States
Catheter ablation is an important therapy for atrial and ventricular arrhythmias. Catheter ablation is now an established first line therapy for many supraventricular tachycardias and ventricular arrhythmia's in patients with structurally normal hearts. Although the approach to many of these arrhythmias is straight forward, all practitioners challenging cases due to anatomic and pathophysiologic variations. This course will provide comprehensive instruction for diagnosing common and complex cardiac arrhythmias in the electrophysiology laboratory and achieving effective and safe ablation. Case-based illustrative presentations will highlight diagnostic dilemmas and key management strategies. Experts discussing detailed patient cases provide a step-by-step analysis and in-depth ...