Trade Shows & Conferences in Austin,Texas

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Medical Cannabis Science for Doctors, Lawyers & Bus.Profess | 5 Week Course

Date: 01-Dec-18 to 29-Dec-18
Location: Austin / United States
***5 WEEKS/ EVERY SATURDAY**  Dec. 1st - Dec. 29th (9am - 4pm) WE EDUCATE STUDENTS ON MEDICAL, LEGAL AND COMPREHENSIVE COURSES FOR THE FAST-CHANGING INDUSTRY Medicinal Value of Cannabis History of Medicinal Cannabis Owning a Dispensary   Cannabis Edibles Business Real Estate Advertising/Marketing Legal Problems and Solutions Become a Medical Cannabis Grower REFUND POLICY: Please note that no refunds will be given on any promotional or limited time pricing or on any installment or payment plans. Refunds cannot be given on any course if it is within 30 days of course start date. All other refunds can only be made to the purchaser and card used to make the original purchase.

1/16/19: Doppler Labs fmr CEO on Building for your Ears

Date: 16-Jan-19 to 16-Jan-19
Location: Austin / United States
TOPIC: Doppler Labs fmr CEO on Building for your In addition to innovations in mobile tech, the wearable revolution is completely changing how customers utilize products and interact with technology. Specifically, audible cues and commands from in-ear products have introduced a whole new level of interactivity and engagement. What factors led to the development of the products built for your ears and how do they become a reality? Doppler Labs fmr CEO Noah Kraft talks about how and why his team attempted to build the first in-ear computer - and examine the challenges that startups face in shipping software-enabled hardware. About the Speaker: Noah Kraft is the former co-founder and CEO of Doppler Labs - which developed the first in-ear computer that harnessed the power of voice-...

Solar & Storage Finance & Investments in Texas - April 2019

Date: 09-Apr-19 to 10-Apr-19
Location: Austin / United States
SEIA predicts an additional 4,671 MW of new solar installations over next 5 years in Texas, ranking the state second in the USA for growth after California. In the last 3-months of 2017, Texas added 227 megawatts of solar capacity. To put that into perspective, Texas’ peak demand is was around 71 GW in 2016. Deployment of energy storage, too is set to grow rapidly in the state US-wide, there was an increase of 46% in the third quarter of 2017 and prices for lithium-ion in particular have dropped by 24% since 2016. On energy storage, Texas also has the potential to be a hotbed of deals in 2018 and 2019. Austin Energy, a publicly-owned electric utility in Texas, is delivering megawatt-scale storage systems as part of the US Department of Energy’s Sustainable and Holistic Integration of ...