Trade Shows & Conferences in Bologna,Italy

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The 5th International Congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy (CPP 2018)

Date: 22-Feb-18 to 25-Feb-18
Location: Bologna / Italy
The CPP 2018 Congress will provide a unique platform to discuss a wide range of topics related to maternal and fetal pregnancy associated cardiovascular conditions. The goals of “The Fifth International Congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy (CPP) 2018” are to continue advancing the knowledge and expertise of health care professionals around the globe by exchange of information, including unique clinical cases and debates, development of collaborative research both basic and clinical, discuss, adopt and upgrade recent guidelines for the management of cardiovascular conditions during pregnancy and the post partal period. The program will include invited lectures, workshops as well as original oral and poster presentations, clinical cases and debates which will cover a wide spectrum of ...

Organic Synthesis: A Toolkit for the Industrial Chemist, Bologna, Italy

Date: 16-May-18 to 18-May-18
Location: Bologna / Italy
Organic synthesis is a discipline which has been in existence for more than a century. It is a major facilitator for the chemical industry and a significant contributor to society, applications being found in the pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, agrochemicals, speciality chemicals, electronics and other related industries. As we all appreciate, the field of organic chemistry continues to thrive as a result of more detailed understanding and new innovations constantly being published. There is an ever increasing range of synthetic techniques and technologies, available to the organic chemist which can be somewhat bewildering when given the task of designing appropriate routes to target molecules.. This three-day course, written and presented by highly experienced chemists from the ...