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1/9/19: Alexa fmr Product UX lead on Voice-Driven Products

Date: 09-Jan-19 to 09-Jan-19
Location: Seattle / United States
TOPIC: Alexa fmr Product UX lead on Voice-Driven Over the long-term, voice-driven products could be more disruptive than mobile products. As a result, how do product and design approaches need to evolve and adapt to make way for digital voice innovation? Alexa fmr Product UX lead Phillip Hunter will break down the anatomy of interactive voice products - outlining the opportunity landscape and how to be successful with voice-driven products. In addition, Phillip will cover strategic approaches to voice-driven products across development stages - including design, prototyping, evaluation and iteration. About The Speaker: Phillip Hunter is the VP of Product at Pulse Labs - creating user experience solutions for voice-driven products. Prior to joining Pulse Labs, Phillip led the ...


Date: 20-Feb-19 to 20-Feb-19
Location: Seattle / United States
JOLT Roadshows have been created to help business executives embrace and apply AI to their organizations. In today's’ digital world Artificial Intelligence offers almost limitless potential for businesses to gain insights, maximize productivity and provide superior customer experiences. The quality of our one-day interactive conference is unrivaled – hear from inspirational C-suite speakers representing the world’s leading enterprises sharing how they have embraced AI to improve revenue, customer retention, and experience. At JOLT we ban PowerPoint and prioritize interactivity meaning our attendees will really learn how companies are making AI work for them. If you’re ready to gain the upper hand by learning about what AI can do for you, JOLT is here to help.