Hubraum 5G Meetup #3: Augmented Reality - Berlin, July 26

Date: 26-Jul-18 to 26-Jul-18
Location: Berlin / Germany
On July 26 in Berlin, Hubraum—the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom in Berlin—is hosting the '5G Meetup #3: Augmented Reality' for those interested in exploring boundless augmented realities powered by 5G. Here, participants will have the opportunity to witness the different real-world use-cases AR offers, and discover how 5G expands our horizon in AR scenarios. This is a chance to network with 5G & AR Experts to discover first hand the next steps in high-powered data transmission in a cozy setting over free food and drinks.

Congress FOOD 2030: Towards sustainable agri-food systems

Date: 05-Sep-18 to 06-Sep-18
Location: Stuttgart / Germany
It wants to contribute to solutions to the urgent challenges of the Agenda 2030, i.e. to end hunger, achieve food and nutrition security, and promote sustainable agriculture as formulated in the Sustainable Development Goal #2. Interconnected pressures from natural resource scarcity, climate change and population growth, systems of production and consumption in Europe and globally need fundamental changes. The call for concerted action and meaningful partnerships to address these challenges is greater than ever before. 
 The international and interdisciplinary meeting will foster discussions on innovative pathways for future food systems that are healthy, food secure, resilient and sustainable. It will also network researchers, policy makers, civil society and the private sector to ...

International SAP Conference for Real Estate Management

Date: 17-Sep-18 to 18-Sep-18
Location: Berlin / Germany
Real estate professionals face a challenging landscape. They must handle increasingly complex portfolios whilst attempting to optimize building occupancy. They must lower building operating costs and compliance with updated IFRS standards. The pressure to drive profitability and unleash full business value from their portfolios is ever present. This conference will help you to understand how solutions from SAP are driving next generation technology for real estate management: leaner, faster, smarter. Key Themes for - Rethink corporate real estate and property management for the digital - Deliver end to end real estate management, efficiently, and in real - Gain visibility across the building portfolio to better align resources with - Learn how to innovate ...

Ada Lovelace Festival - Women In Tech Event

Date: 11-Oct-18 to 12-Oct-18
Location: Berlin / Germany
The Ada Lovelace Festival is a leading European event dedicated to all women in the IT industry. An outstanding platform for tech know-how and the voices of female IT-practitioners has been established over the past three years. The event provides brand new tech insights, inspiring talks, valuable hands-on workshops and a unique networking base for the community of women in tech. We’re absolutely stunned by the enormous (digital) diversity and the highly motivating spirit that our pervious festivals brought to light and are excited to continue with #ada18 exactly where we left off last year. Become part of the community: Join us in October 2018 in Berlin to network and get inspired together with more than 300 female IT professionals and over 70 international speakers. Discover the latest ...

Vortrag: Die DSGVO in der Praxis

Date: 02-Aug-18 to 15-Oct-18
Location: Hamburg / Germany
Vortrag: Die DSGVO in der Praxis Ab dem 25. Mai 2018 gelten für alle Unternehmen in Europa verschärfte Datenschutzregelungen. In diesem zweistündigen Vortrag erfahren Sie, wie Sie die DSGVO praxisorientiert umsetzen. Fokus des Vortrags ist die datenschutzkonforme Datenverarbeitung sowie die Wahrung der Rechte der Betroffenen durch eine Umsetzung der DSGVO in bestehende Geschäftsprozesse. Am Beispiel werden übertragbare Verfahren erläutert, mit deren Hilfe Unternehmer die Handlungen ihres Tagesgeschäfts konform der neuen Richtlinien gestalten können. Der Vortrag dient dazu, sich einen ersten Überblick zu verschaffen und Handlungsbedarf richtig einschätzen zu können. Nach der Teilnahme an unserem Vortrag empfiehlt es sich, an einem unserer Workshops teilzunehmen.   Themenübersicht des ...

Practical Approaches to Quality by Design (QbD), Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Date: 16-Oct-18 to 18-Oct-18
Location: Germany
QbD is no longer a regulatory initiative; because QbD is good development, QbD is an industry initiative supported by regulators. This course focuses on practical approaches to accelerated QbD implementation, and it makes practical recommendations for realistic implementation of QbD elements. Participants will learn how to prioritize process parameters for screening designs, how to design robust processes using statistical design of experiments (DoE), how to bridge the bench and the commercial design spaces using mixing and scale-up calculations, how to quantify process risk, how to select suitable process analytical technology tools (PAT) and more. Effective technology transfer to pilot and manufacturing plants is also discussed, including process validation in the QbD.

Genotoxic Impurities

Date: 23-Oct-18 to 24-Oct-18
Location: Berlin / Germany
The brightest industry and regulatory minds shine a light on identification and control of GTIs. Build a complete strategy for potential genotoxic impurities in your pharmaceuticals.

2nd Annual NASH Summit Europe

Date: 22-Oct-18 to 24-Oct-18
Location: Frankfurt / Germany
Built from research with the FDA, EMA and Gilead, the 2nd Annual NASH Summit Europe will once again elevate industry-to-industry dialogue and reveal leading insights in overcoming the hurdles limiting NASH therapeutic success. Join the NASH community as they collectively address the biggest challenges in NASH through a tighter lens including the potential for stand-alone versus combination therapeutics, the genetic drivers influencing disease heterogeneity and the future payer and reimbursement landscape. Hear from 22 stakeholders including Pfizer, Novartis and MedImmune as this exclusively drug development driven forum equips you with the connections and actionable takeaways you need to capture one of many market opportunities for a successful NASH candidate.

Global Regulatory Affairs Summit

Date: 23-Oct-18 to 25-Oct-18
Location: Berlin / Germany
Whatever your international hurdle, our industry and authority experts have the answers...

Die Welt 2035 – Der IT-Ausblick 2018

Date: 04-Nov-18 to 04-Nov-18
Location: Hamburg / Germany
In diesem exklusiven zweistündigen Vortrag bieten Senior IT-Professionals der Neuen Akademie den IT-Ausblick auf das Jahr 2035 und damit vor allem Unternehmern, aber generell jedem Interessierten einen einzigartigen Einblick in Zukunftstechnologien. Hierzu verwenden die Experten ein fundiertes und detailliertes Zukunftsmodell, mit dessen Hilfe unter Berücksichtigung von Faktoren aus u.a. Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Aussagen über mögliche zukünftige Szenarien getroffen werden. Unternehmern wird so die Möglichkeit zukunftsorientierter kurz-, mittel-, oder langfristiger Entscheidungen gegeben.