Sport Seminar Selezione: Sportivi, Personal Trainer, istruttori, Nutrizione

Date: 20-Jan-18 to 20-Jan-18
Location: Italy
SPORT SEMINAR AREZZO Hotel Etrusco Via Alessandro Fleming, 39 - Arezzo, 52100 Italia NECESSARIA la PRENOTAZIONE gratuita per partecipare all’evento, al numero 3357488400 Samuele. Selezione personale per guadagno extra mensile settore sport, nutrizione e benessere, non è richiesta esperienza: Sportivi professionisti e non, preparatori atletici, personal trainer, istruttori, fitness trainer, centri sportivi o palestre / fitness, nutrizionisti, dietologi, estetiste, naturopati.   Gli argomenti trattati durante l’evento saranno i seguenti: Total Training Herbalife 24. Nutrizione per Sportivi, Personalizzazione programmi H24 per ogni tipologia di Sport Marketing Strategie di collaborazioni con Centri Fitness e Personal Trainers Per ricevere la tua valutazione del benessere, ...

3rd Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology

Date: 30-Jan-18 to 31-Jan-18
Location: Rome / Italy
Over the past few years, maritime intelligence gathering and ISR capabilities have returned to the forefront of the defence industry. National maritime agencies are increasingly seeking to optimise their fleets and capabilities to address the challenges arriving from the surrounding seas. This can be illustrated in the multilateral coalition operation to address the migration crisis in the Mediterranean or with the Nordic response to climate change and the receding ice cap. In an attempt to provide solutions to these challenges, Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology will cover a wide range of topics such as unmanned maritime system technology, intelligence gathering, C4ISR, AIS system technology, interoperability and system integration, and space-based surveillance. What ...

Network Centric Warfare 2018

Date: 01-Feb-18 to 02-Feb-18
Location: Rome / Italy
As militaries continue to operate in increasingly complex and asymmetrical environments, effective communications and system interoperability has become more critical to ensure forces remain agile and versatile. Network Centric Warfare 2018 will provide a platform to address challenges and issues surrounding the demand for modernisation and digitisation of information, the growing need for interoperability within communication systems, and procurement for technological advancements of military assets. In addition, the event will provide updates to the network-centric programs, including the UK’s BATCIS-MORPHEUS and Italy’s FORZA NEC. With aims of providing delegates with the latest updates and insights on this significant topic, this year's event will showcase: • A dedicated ...

11th annual Border Security Conference

Date: 21-Feb-18 to 22-Feb-18
Location: Rome / Italy
SMi Group has released the agenda for its 11th annual Border Security conference. The programme and registration is now live on With the migration crisis ongoing throughout the Mediterranean and mainland Europe, free-movement a critical and divisive focus of the BREXIT negotiations, as well as a new administration in the White House, SMi Group’s Border Security 2018 promises to be more topical and relevant than ever before. In addition, the conference will explore the surge in the development and application of biometric technology to achieve ‘seamless and autonomous’ border controls. With aims of providing the latest updates and insights on this significant topic, this year's show will showcase: • Operational case studies for securing the land, sea and ...

One Day of Cardiotocography

Date: 23-Feb-18 to 23-Feb-18
Location: Firenze / Italy
Il corso si prefigge di fornire indicazioni aggiornate e complete in tema di cardiotocografia partendo dalla patofisiologia degli elementi che caratterizzano il tracciato fino alla gestione clinica delle anomalie che lo caratterizzano. Verranno esplicitate sia le procedure per la cosiddetta “rianimazione in utero” cioè il trattamento conservativo delle anomalie cardiotocografiche che quelle relative alle emergenze cardiotocografiche che prevedono la più rapida sottrazione del feto al rischio di acidosi. Chiarezza verrà fatta in tema di classificazioni del tracciato cardiotocografico, sia confrontando le peculiarità delle diverse linee guida internazionali attualmente in uso, sia esponendo la recente classificazione italiana nata sotto l’egida della SIGO. Particolare risalto verrà dato ...

The 5th International Congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy (CPP 2018)

Date: 22-Feb-18 to 25-Feb-18
Location: Bologna / Italy
The CPP 2018 Congress will provide a unique platform to discuss a wide range of topics related to maternal and fetal pregnancy associated cardiovascular conditions. The goals of “The Fifth International Congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy (CPP) 2018” are to continue advancing the knowledge and expertise of health care professionals around the globe by exchange of information, including unique clinical cases and debates, development of collaborative research both basic and clinical, discuss, adopt and upgrade recent guidelines for the management of cardiovascular conditions during pregnancy and the post partal period. The program will include invited lectures, workshops as well as original oral and poster presentations, clinical cases and debates which will cover a wide spectrum of ...

The 5th International Conference on PreHypertension, Hypertension & CMS

Date: 22-Feb-18 to 25-Feb-18
Location: Italy
The 5th International Conference on PreHypertension, Hypertension and Cardio Metabolic Syndrome (PreHT, HT & CMS 2018) is the perfect setting to get the most updated, state-of-the art information on the latest developments related to early diagnosis, including innovative technologies and treatments. The program will incorporate presentations by leading specialists as well as oral and poster sessions. The Conference will aim to deal with all aspects related to early diagnosis, including innovative technologies and treatments and will bring together professionals from the fields of Hypertension, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Cardiology and more. Don't miss the opportunity to join peers and key opinion leaders in Venice, Italy, 22-25 February, 2018. Get a head ...

2nd International Workshop – Intensive Care of the Newborn

Date: 09-Mar-18 to 10-Mar-18
Location: Verona / Italy
MAIN TOPICS: Resuscitation Oxygen And Ventilation Infections High-Tech Monitoring Nursing Ventilation ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Paolo Biban

Advances in Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Therapies, An AAT-AD/PD Focus Meeting

Date: 15-Mar-18 to 18-Mar-18
Location: Torino / Italy
We invite you to AAT-AD/PD Focus Meeting 2018, a new joint meeting between the International Geneva/Springfield Symposium on Advances in Alzheimer Therapy and AD/PD. The Conference will present all the latest breakthroughs in treatment, translational R&D, early diagnosis, drug development and clinical trials in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other related neurological disorders. A central theme will be to further advance innovative strategies in therapy and prevention, clinical trials and diagnostic markers discussed in the sessions and corridors at AD/PD 2017, in order to focus on driving successful collaborations among academia and industry, leading to the development of innovative drugs and ultimately providing for a better future for patients and families affected by ...

ISPE 2018 Europe Annual Conference

Date: 19-Mar-18 to 22-Mar-18
Location: Rome / Italy
Lead and Manage a Paradigm Shift Industry 4.0 is becoming a global term. The scope of Industry 4.0 is broad and it could be the next industrial revolution. With intelligent application of Industry 4.0 concepts into a Pharma 4.0 world, new opportunities to be faster, more agile and more responsive will be addressed. Factories of the future will have to adapt to these concepts in order to stay competitive and survive. Digitisation is the trigger to automation and end-to-end integration of computerised systems, and that makes Data integrity an absolute must in this new world. Mass serialisation is being implemented in many countries to ensure a constant source in safe supply chains / a consistent and safe supply chain. These influences and many more will be discussed and set the scene ...