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The Incredible Sculptures of Rising Phoenix Glass

HAMILTON, OHIO , UNITED STATES, February 12, 2015 / -- Glass blowing is a fascinating art form which is capable of creating remarkably intricate work. Borosilicate glass is shaped under torch flame by the artist in order to complete their colorful art. This fascinating field of art, which includes lamp working and fusing glass, is being supported by dedicated professionals like Crystal Summers who is the owner and operator of Rising Phoenix Glass.

Crystal Summers started learning lamp work and how to blow borosilicate glass at the age of 19. From there she went on to become a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate with an emphasis in sculpture from Northern Kentucky University. She is dedicated to teaching and encouraging others to pursue the art themselves in both a non-profit capacity and through Rising Phoenix Glass. The studio and classes have successfully been in operation for four years now. In this capacity Crystal offers private lamp working, glass blowing and fusing glass classes. For those who are interested in learning more a list of these classes is available on the Rising Phoenix Glass website. Crystal believes that artists are able to find peace through creation. The ultimate goal of her teaching is to create a professional borosilicate lamp working and glass blowing community where artists can gather in an open learning environment.

Rising Phoenix Glass is a fully functional studio which is currently equipped with three kilns and one operating torch. The studio is capable of making anything from fused glass dishware to blown glass pendants in addition to its stunning artistic sculptures. It is already a quality studio but the working conditions could be much better. At this time Rising Phoenix Glass is trying to finalize their studio configuration. The studio presently operates in a freestanding unfinished building with no insulation or heat. Right now teaching during the winter months is unbearably cold for students because of these harsh conditions. There is a need for insulating and covering the walls and ceiling with plywood. A donated wood furnace will ideally be installed as well for added heat. There is also a need for Rising Phoenix Glass to purchase one more Red Max torch in order to be able to keep up with the demand of current students. Many of these students have graduated towards working on the torch independently. The studio plans to build u-shaped waist high benches which will allow room for additional torches. These benches will have shelving underneath to make for extra space for easy access to glass blowing equipment. This will enable a professional atmosphere and allow for guest artists to be able to come to the studio in order to share their knowledge with students.

In addition to the classes and the quality pieces currently being made available on the Rising Phoenix Glass website, the studio also offers remembrance artwork. Rising Phoenix Glass is able to encase a small amount of cremation ashes into the glass itself. Crystal Summers can create this customized glass art into a limitless number of styles and designs to fit the personality of a loved one at the request of friends and family. This is a unique way to commemorate a loved one and keep them forever close.

This community of glass blowing artists is growing. Those who appreciate art will benefit from the strengthening of this community through increased access to superior quality sculptures. In order to support the needed improvements for the studio a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been put in place and will continue until March 6th. There are many crowdfunding rewards associated with this project. Most of these rewards offer access to Rising Phoenix Glass pieces. Everyone is encouraged to take the time to go to the Rising Phoenix Glass Kickstarter page in order to see all of the amazing work for themselves. For a donation of 25 dollars backers will receive a spiral glass pendant of assorted colors. A 150 dollar pledge comes with a brilliant signature lotus sculpture with a dichroic galaxy center and a matching dichroic galaxy pendant. Both reward levels come with a personal thank you which will be listed on the Rising Phoenix Glass website and an opportunity to be a guest at the renovated studio for a free lamp working demonstration.

Talented glass blowing artist Crystal Summers is the owner and operator of the Rising Phoenix Glass studio ( . This studio which creates anything from fused glass dishware to blown glass jewelry to brilliant artwork is building a community of glass blowing artists. A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is taking place now in order to improve the working conditions of the studio and allow for visits from guest artists for students.

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