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Music Producer Siegfried Meier Wraps Production on Several Upcoming Albums

Music producer Siegfried Meier shot by Rob Boyce

Siegfried Meier, the Juno Award-winning music producer behind b.d. Gottfried's album "Motion Fever," wraps production on several new albums

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 1, 2015 / -- For Juno Award winning music producer Siegfried Meier 2015 has been an incredibly busy year filled to the brim with multiple new projects for The Hunt Club, Zealots Desire, Sound Glyphics, Anthem for Today, Serena Rutledge and many others.

The owner of Beach Road Studios in Ontario, Canada, Meier's career is as dazzling as it is diverse, and so are the tools that he brings to the table. Not only is he an esteemed music producer and multi-instrumentalist, but he's an incredibly talented recording engineer, mixer and songwriter as well.

Meier, who's been producing music for more than two decades, has amassed an astonishing repertoire of work, which includes hit albums for Kittie, Breaching Vista, Chasing Mercury, The Salads, The Dunes, Thine Eyes Bleed, Woods of Ypres and Blue Skies at War, to name a few. The plethora of artists and projects he has produced to date reveal him as someone whose talent in the studio extends to all genres, and his work this year is no exception.

Besides being the producer, engineer, and mixer of b.d. Gottfried's album "Motion Fever," Meier also contributed heavily as a songwriter and musician. The album, which was released in May, was mastered by internationally renowned engineer Howie Weinberg who mastered Nirvana's "Nevermind," Herbie Hancock's Grammy Award winning album "Future Shock" and many others.

A testament to the progressive nature of Gottfried's work and the fluidity of the creative collaboration between Gottfried and Meier in the studio, "Motion Fever" has received rave reviews for its diversity, magnetism and fantastic production since its release earlier this year.

Gottfried explains, "My most recent album, 'Motion Fever,' has received airplay on over 100 radio stations in 5 countries. By far my most successful release to date due to Siegfried Meier. As producer and engineer he has elevated my material to a level I didn't think was attainable. He is an extraordinary talent and I look forward to working with him again."

'Sociopathic Traffic,' one of the singles off the new album, is full of epic guitar melodies similar to classic rock bands like Boston and Styx, theatrical vocals that make it feel like the theme of a rock opera and a steadily rising drum beat that perfectly fits the 'Run, run, run,' portion of the chorus making the heart beat a little bit faster with every passing second.

Overall the album guides listeners on an exciting journey with its quirky and absorbing storytelling, powerful arrangements and catchy rhythms.

Still reeling from the success of "Motion Fever," Meier and Gottfried are back in the studio where they are currently recording Gottfried's ninth studio album.

Gggarth Richardson, who's produced records for Rage Against The Machine, Mudvayne and The Melvins, says, "Sig is one of the hardest working guys I know in the industry. His integrity and attention to detail are unrivaled and his skills are well known to his peers."

Meier first worked with Richardson back in 2001 when Richardson was producing Kittie's album "Oracle."

He recalls, "It was a pivotal moment in my life as it was my first time working with such a legendary producer."

Since then Meier has become a legendary producer in his own right going on to produce Kittie's albums "In the Black" and "I've Failed You." This year he produced, as well as engineered, mixed and played on Kittie's David Bowie cover, "Space Oddity."

One of the reasons the work Meier has produced has been so successful stems from the rare and admirable approach he takes to working with other artists.

In an interview with Magix-Audio, Meier explains, "I make sure the artists and clients I take on can perform their parts and are prolific at their instruments. I maintain an ethical integrity in my productions that I find a lot of producers these days either have no clue about, or simply don’t care to exercise because it takes too much effort and work. I prefer to have musicians play their parts from beginning to end, naturally creating the dynamics as needed – pushing harder in the choruses on drums/vocals, and naturally delivering what’s needed for the song."

With an indelible track record of success it's not surprising that Meier has been endorsed by several leading music equipment companies including Radial Engineering, Noble Cooley, Universal Audio, Vater, Manley Labs, PreSonus, Plugin Alliance, Godin Guitars and SJC Drums.

Earlier this month Meier finished producing, engineering and mixing the album "AFT2" for the Covenant Award nominated Christian rock band Anthem For Today, which is due out in 2016. And "Raise It Up," a single off the new album, has already been nominated for Song of the Year by the 2015 GMA Covenant Awards.

He has also been working with Serena Rutledge, an exuberantly talented 14-year-old singer/songwriter from Canada, for the last two years. He recently finished Rutledge's EP "Our Best Fight," which he produced, engineered, mixed and mastered as well as played guitars, bass and sang backup vocals on. The release party for the album will be held at the Governors Inn in Kincardine, Ontario on December 12 at 7pm, and if you're able to make it you'll have the opportunity to see Meier accompanying Rutledge on guitar!

Some of Meier's other work that you'll be able to check out in 2016 includes the albums "At Stake" by Canadian-based folk punk band The Hunt Club, "Royal Blood" by eclectic progressive rock band Sound Glyphics, the self-titled album for alt rock band Zealots Desire and "Projects" by indie punk band Painted Faces, all of which he produced, engineered and mixed at Beach Road Studios.

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