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Innovative solution for automated cloakrooms – garment conveyor

NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS, USA, March 4, 2016 / -- High technologies are constantly moving forward and make our lives much easier and more comfortable. Automated cloakroom - is an innovative solution to increase quality of service at enterprises, public facilities - in addition it’s cost-efficient for business owners. Its installation and implementation can be done even right now.
FRESH USA Inc. knows how to update storage process and garment retrieval in cloakrooms and given that it facilitates staff work and saves your space significantly. Garment conveyor that is installed in theaters, concert halls, fitness clubs, in industries, in uniform storage and other places where you need to store and retrieve a huge amount of outer garments or uniforms – it’s a convenient solution for today! Using RFID reading system, a garment owner gets his items directly in hands, everything is done automatically. A conveyor chooses and delivers items that are registered under a concrete cloakroom token (RFID tag of an owner). ID tags and waterproof wristbands are used to identify garments owners.
As you can see, using such automated cloakroom:
You do not need to hire seasonal/permanent cloakroom attendants. For a digital conveyor control, for its work control it’s enough to have 1-2 employees.
Business and enterprise owners, who need spacious cloakrooms, automated uniform storage – they reduce their labor expenses, using that system.
Garment conveyor takes less space than ordinary cloakrooms by times. Free space can be used in other purposes.
Automated RFID token reading system operates smoothly and it is easy to handle, it has many other additional functions. Thanks to this system, you get a cloakroom and conveyor that respond immediately to a tag owner’s requests at any time of the day.
Automatic door for uniform or other garments helps to get rid of a line, to avoid a crowd in front of a cloakroom and there is no chance for error.
Each owner increases a status for his business, enterprise because he will move on to the next level, a modern level of customers and employees service. The process becomes automated.
It’s safe, fast and cost-effective! An automated cloakroom on a turnkey basis is quite affordable and paid back within the short period of time; in case you contact a direct system manufacturer. With the help of this system, you can install automated uniform storage, upgrade and create new automated cloakrooms, install garment conveyors.
RFID are new technologies that save your time and money!

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