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The "Godfather" of Bigfoot Returns to Montana (Bigfoot Alley)

Award Winning documentary film of the hunt.

For more than 40 years the "Real" Bigfoot Research team has searched for the truth.

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The Search For The Truth Continues.
— The Bigfoot Team
REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2016 / -- For more than 40 years the "Real" Bigfoot Research team has battled various threats to their health such as infectious mosquitoes, chiggers, venomous snakes of all kinds and things that go bump in the night.

As the search continues the team has encountered some of the worst temperatures and humidity known to man in the last month. Despite the nationwide heat wave the team has endeavored to continue their fact finding research overcoming the obstacles that nature has presented and casualties to the team due to the above.

The team collected compelling testimonies of encounters from a witness in Shepherdsville Kentucky where some sort of creature was playing havoc with their bait three nights in a row. To their surprise the second day after the team left they received a call from the witness who reported that the creature had come to the back of the house and left some rocks on the property. This could be the creature leaving a gift for the food that had been provided.

The next location in Mississippi presented the same type of situation which was also mirrored in the Ogden Utah research where the team had their pilots let loose a drone equipped with thermal imaging. The drone was set aloft and surveyed an area of least 10 square miles and in real time returned an image of a bipedal hominoid walking in the trees. By the time the team was deployed to scour that area the creature had advanced to the upper mountain range.

The team is presently in East Glassier Park/Browning Montana where dozens of sightings and experiences have occurred this year. The team is collecting and evaluating each of the various experiences.

There has been talk of establishing a museum in the area (nicknamed Bigfoot Alley) due to the many various sightings that have occurred throughout the years.

For more information please visit our website To report sightings please call the Bigfoot Hotline 606-620-6667 or 415-518-8494.

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