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Lightors, “The World Without Disposable Batteries.”

Left over used batteries from a clock. Where to put them? Very Confusing!

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 1, 2017 / -- We all have been put to this kind of situation once in a life time.
Used batteries can seriously harm the environment, so we must separate them in a special bin that only collects batteries.
Batteries are very convenient to use but inconvenient when it comes to throwing them away. Because of this characteristic, among 15 billion annually consumed batteries, 98% of them are thrown away without being recycled and only 2% of them are properly collected.

However, there is a company that caught people’s eyes by developing innovative battery to resolve such battery problems with change of concept.

JNK Science (CEO: Michael Cho) is a venture company that many people are paying attention to. JNK Science developed ‘Lightors Battery’ that conveniently charges with smartphone cables (USB Cables)

Rechargeable batteries have long been existed in the market and they require chargers to charge. However, conventional chargers are unnecessary when charging ‘Lightors Battery’. All it requires is USB cable that every smartphone users possess and this characteristic makes ‘Lightors Battery’ innovative.
When charging ‘Lightors Battery’, users can simply connect charging cable to a female socket for smartphones located on the side.

‘Lightors Battery’ has proven its convenience and innovativeness in KickStarter and Indiegogo by successfully getting funds from people all over the world.
To be more specific, in February 2015, ‘Lightors Battery’ has achieved its crowdfunding goal of 1.5 million dollars just in one day and at the end of the campaign the amount of funds collected was 1000%.
On 28 February 2017, ‘Lightors Battery’ has been launching a new campaign presenting the battery that charges with iPhone cable (Lightening Cable).

Another characteristic of ‘Lightors Battery’ is that it is the only battery which is usable although discharged.
Currently, pre-existing batteries (disposable, rechargeable) need replacement phase when discharged. However, when ‘Lightors Battery’ is all used up, users do not have to go through the replacement phase. Instead, they can just connect charging cables to the female socket and continue to use electronic devices.

When manufacturing disposable batteries, materials such as Ni, Zn, Mn, Li and many other heavy metals are used. However, each year 15 billion (98% of total annual battery consumption) of these heavy metal lumps are thrown away without going through appropriate recycling procedures damaging the environment. In this case, ‘Lightors Battery’ can be the efficient solution. Since ‘Lightors Battery’ can be reused up to 1000 times, we can significantly reduce the number disposable batteries. In other words, we can protect the environment with the small batteries. This eco-friendly idea of ‘Lightors Battery’ has been accepted and awarded with ‘2016 This Year’s Green Product’

Establishment of ‘Lightors Battery’ started from blending two very simple ideas. One is how can we reduce the number of disposable batteries and the other is how can we preserve resources by utilizing general items in homes (in this case cables).
Our goal is to make the world without disposable batteries and to fulfil our goal we are continuously promoting a campaign named ‘Save the Earth’.

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