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ArangoDB Named Best Free Graph Database by G2 Crowd Users

ArangoDB named by G2 Crowd users as the most popular graph database used today.

ArangoDB is the most versatile database I have ever used. It also is open source, has a strong and growing community, and tremendous technical support.”
— G2 Crowd ArangoDB Review

COLOGNE, NRW, GERMANY, December 7, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- ArangoDB has been identified as the highest rated graph database, based on its high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend ratings from real G2 Crowd users.

ArangoDB received a near perfect 4.9 out of 5 star average for user satisfaction for its free platform across its 24 user reviews. ArangoDB users point to the database’s query language, availability and storage as the three most liked features of the product.

The list included 18 tools across a range of different types of database software, such as graph, relational and document database tools. To qualify for the best free database list, a product was required to offer a free option as well as have one of the highest user satisfaction scores. For more information, read full best free database list on G2 Crowd.

About G2 Crowd, Inc.

G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business solution review platform, leverages more than 270,000 user reviews to drive better purchasing decisions. Business professionals, buyers, investors, and analysts use the site to compare and select the best software and services based on peer reviews and synthesized social data. Every month, nearly one million people visit G2 Crowd’s site to gain unique insights. G2 Crowd aims to bring authenticity and transparency to the business marketplace. For more information, go to www.g2crowd.com.

About ArangoDB

One database, one query language and three data models. With more than 2.5 million downloads, ArangoDB is the leading native multi-model database. It combines the power of graphs, with JSON documents and a key-value store. ArangoDB makes all of your data-models accessible with a single, elegant declarative query language.
ArangoDB is the simple, versatile and the performant answer to many challenges facing developers, start-ups and enterprises. Simplifying complexity and increasing productivity is the mission of ArangoDB GmbH, the company behind the project.

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For more information, visit www.arangodb.com or follow us www.twitter.com/arangodb

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