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AirNautical INC Reserves NASDAQ Stock Symbol AIRN for Aviation Technology Debut - ION Electrostatic Propulsion

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AirNautical INC

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AirNautical INC

Flying Cars are closer to a reality than you think.. AirNautical

AirNautical is an aviation technology corporation that services all domains of the aviation business model.


Solid State aircraft that use ION Propulsion are the future of aviation, space travel and interplanetary exploration.”
— James Anderson - CFO of AirNautical INC - AIRN
IVY CITY, WASHINGTON D.C., USA, August 9, 2018 / -- AirNautical is an aviation technology C Corporation that services all domains of the aviation business model. Land Air Sea Space - Mastering the Human Domain. Each division of AirNautical specifically operates independent of other division with seamless integration of all divisions to achieve the final objective.

Land: It was said that an air force can not operate without ground support. What goes up must come down. The Land division of AirNautical concentrates on motor vehicles, structures, buildings and fuel supply. Without this first critical component flight operations are impossible.

Air: This is the primary flight and technology division of AirNautical. We develop software, aircraft and support structures that are below the 50k foot ceiling level. This includes Balloons, LTA (Lighter than Air) Airships and alternative aircraft like Drones, Quad-copters and Passenger Drones. UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), Autonomous Systems and Geo-Spacial Intelligence are our main focus in this division.

Sea: This is the aquatic division of AirNautical. The Earth has vast amounts of surface water. This obstacle has to be mastered in order to deploy global Land, Air and Space technology. Water is a powerful force that requires special equipment and techniques to be able to service the other division. AirNautical constructs structures, boats, submersibles and various types of watercraft to support the other division in the company structure.

Space: AirNautical utilizes the other divisions in unison to achieve the ultimate human goal of space exploration. We build support structures, spacecraft, space propulsion and other advanced technological devices designed to work above the 50k foot level. Inner Space, Space and Outer Space are the domains in which we operate in this division. This is the final step in Mastering the Human Domain.

AirNautical is a full service concentric technology solutions company operating in the aviation industry. We primarily deal with Business to Business and Governmental agency transactions. However the emerging technologies have opened new avenues of opportunity in to the domestic markets such as passenger drones, quad-copters and advanced home automation.

The ION Electrostatic Propulsion technology that AirNautical is developing will power aircraft and watercraft in unique ways. The most amazing aspect of the ION propulsion system is that it exists in a solid state form. That means no moving parts. An aircraft with no moving parts is one of AirNautical’s primary objectives.

Moving parts are points of failure in any aircraft. The parts will eventually wear due to friction, heat and atmospheric exposure. AirNautical intends to extend an aircraft's performance and life span while lowering the cost of development, manufacturing and servicing. Once this solid state process is achieved aircraft can be mass produced. This will make aircraft more affordable for business, military, government and home users. Each aircraft can be manufacture for specific use.

Behind this idea is the software and technical integration of complex micro components throughout the aircraft structure. Micro sensors and other control mechanisms will control the flow of electricity to different areas of the aircraft. This will allow the aircraft to perform in ways that others simply can not. With no moving parts there is a reduction in points of failure. The aircraft can work in inclement weather, extreme temperatures, under water and in space.

The first generation AirNautical is producing will work below the 50k foot ceiling level. The aircraft will use various types of electrical energy technology to power the ION thrusters. The body of the aircraft is able to move airflow by using electrical energy.

AirNautical INC is a Colorado C Corporation.
The company has started its initial funding round A - August 1st 2018.
AirNautical has zero debt or negative outstanding balances.
The company was formed 4 years ago July 2014.
AirNautical existed at first as a two year prototyping project.
Followed by a two year C Corporation formation focused on talent retention and technology development.
The company is now expanding in to the aviation technology markets with a focus on new technological advancements in Aviation and Geo-Spacial Intelligence.

James Anderson
AirNautical INC
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