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Established team of data scientists and engineers launches Pacific Data Science

New agency offers tailored data solutions for a wide range of industries, ranging from healthcare and finance to staffing and retail

No matter the industry, companies are dealing with vast amounts of data that could help them make better decisions - if they know how to capture and use it to their advantage.”
— Adam Lichtl, Pacific Data Science
PASADENA, CA, USA, January 24, 2019 / -- Newly formed Pacific Data Science enables companies of any size to realize the full benefits of cutting-edge analytics and machine learning. Formed by industry veterans from aerospace, finance, government, and healthcare, this US-based consulting group helps their clients set up enterprise-grade data pipelines to solve complex automation, segmentation, prediction, scheduling, and resource allocation challenges. Pacific Data Science helps clients get the most value out of their data.

“No matter the industry, companies are dealing with vast amounts of data that could help them make better decisions - if they know how to capture and use it to their advantage,” said Adam Lichtl, PhD, data scientist and founder of the company. “Unfortunately, there’s a huge gap between a demonstration model running on a laptop and a robust, real-time system running securely in the cloud. We’re unique in that we don’t sell a pre-packaged, do-it-yourself solution; rather, we offer the flexible expertise necessary to bridge that gap, so our clients don’t have to climb that risky, expensive learning curve alone.”

Pacific Data Science leverages industry-leading practices and technologies to solve tough challenges, and works with SQL, Python, BigQuery, TensorFlow, Hadoop, Spark, and more. Some real-world examples of where the company offers its expertise include:

Customer engagement: advanced clustering algorithms can help digital marketing teams create hyper-personalized interactions with target consumers.

Dynamic pricing: building on tried-and-true approaches from established industries, AI-powered revenue management models can drive higher sales with optimized profit margins.

Human resources: by working closely with in-house teams, Pacific Data Science can boost retention by identifying patterns in behavioral data that pinpoint risk factors for attrition.

Risk management: increasingly savvy fraudsters can be met with equally savvy anomaly detection methods based on robust models that automatically adapt to rapidly changing fraud patterns.

Operations: from coffee shops to emergency rooms, Pacific Data Science can build custom solutions that combine historical data with complex operating constraints to reduce waste and overtime, and to create money-saving efficiencies through smarter resource allocation.

About Pacific Data Science
Pacific Data Science was founded by an expert team of data scientists and software engineers in the Los Angeles area. They believe that companies of any size should be able to harness the full power of cutting-edge data science and machine learning without having to navigate that road alone. To solve complex problems for its clients, the team utilizes its wide breadth of expert, high-level experience applying the principles of data science across industries as diverse as finance, aerospace, healthcare, and meteorology. @PacDataSci


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