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Dr. Kimberly Rehak of The International Institute for Behavioral Development to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

RED HILL, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2019 / -- When interventions used by parents and professionals from a variety of disciplines are linked to assessment, they can help ensure the mental and emotional health and welfare of children.

Clinical Counseling Pediatrics, part of Pediatric Behavioral Health Care, launched its model site location in Red Hill in 2017. IIBD (the parent organization) had been working tirelessly to help pediatricians and primary care physicians understand the importance of early detection and effective services.

“We want to ensure that behaviors that may be impeding or disrupting a child’s functioning are understood using a careful analysis of all relevant factors that may be contributing to the development of the problems,” says Dr. Kimberly Rehak, co-founder of the International Institute for Behavioral Development, which provides educational, psychological, and behavioral health and support services.

Behavioral Health Care and screenings for children and families can help provide access to effective treatment. The model site was developed to continue to help others understand the needs of children from a different perspective and to start making changes in their spheres of influence.

“We have provided services to and on behalf of a variety of different types of clients over the years. We have done organizational consulting, family-based therapy, clinical counseling services, health and wellness training, staff training for larger entities, right down to consultation in the form of support and training for staff and personnel in childcare facilities, classrooms, or on behalf of individual students in schools,” says Dr. Rehak. “We can look at the needs on multiple levels. So behavioral development can look differently based on what needs to be developed.”

Special education is not a placement; it's a continuum of services. A child’s needs can’t be predetermined nor can one predetermine the best way to meet those needs.

Unfortunately, many administrators and other stakeholders in schools believe meeting the needs of increasingly diverse students may be beyond the scope of their school district's responsibility. Meanwhile, the teachers and other educational professionals tasked with developing these students aren’t always feeling supported with the resources that may be needed to help these students make progress.

IIBD helps ensure essential services are provided, working with many teams in many locations to help design environments and implement services where children and adults can thrive.

“Let us be part of the conversation,” says Dr. Rehak. “Removing or transforming barriers to effective treatment is not a new idea. We have been attacking this aggressively, but there is still much work to be done. Systems can be put in place to structure the environment in such a way that kids are more likely to behave well so they can access their learning and participate more meaningfully.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Kimberly Rehak in an interview with Jim Masters on March 15th at 11am EST.

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