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Author and Leadership Management Expert Susan Hodgkinson to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, September 5, 2019 / -- The data is in. When 30 percent of an organization’s senior leadership is comprised of women, it leads to improved financial performance. CEOs that can’t or won’t work toward inclusion, are failing in their leadership and fiduciary responsibility.

So how do organizations attract, retain and advance talented women of all colors?

Susan Hodgkinson is a leadership management expert, internationally recognized keynote speaker, and executive coach. Hodgkinson’s new leadership book is: The Dignity Mindset: A Leader’s Guide to Building Gender Equity at Work. Drawing on her decades of coaching and consulting, backed by a wide range of academic and business research, Hodgkinson has highlighted the factors that inhibit true inclusion, providing concrete strategies and program ideas to help companies finally deliver on their talent management and inclusion objectives.

“Leading an inclusive workforce is a leadership competency, not a passing fad,” says Hodgkinson. “Leaders who have not yet immersed themselves in how to think and behave inclusively are headed toward obsolescence.”

The Dignity Mindset offers new, thoughtful, insightful solutions with a system-wide, concrete, actionable set of steps your organization can take right now, with everyone’s involvement, to create a winning approach to gender equity.

“To be a Dignity Driven Leader you have to make space for women’s voices, call out biased behavior, keep your eyes open and reconsider how socializing routines impact women,” says Hodgkinson. “It’s about embracing new ideas to help organizations get to where they need to go in a compassionate way. Let's address the issue and with substantive ideas and experiences.”

Women CEOs in the US are astonishingly rare; as of 2018, only 24 of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies were women. But Hodgkinson says it’s not about diversity, it’s about gender equity and inclusion. Women comprise over 40 percent of heads of households in the US. Many make it to mid-management, but very few advance beyond that.

“It’s important we all understand what’s preventing the upward mobility of talented women and clear the pathways to the C-suite. The old line is ‘I don't see gender and I don't see color,’ but in practice, it’s important that we see and really understand people who are different than us. That means each of us has to invest the time and effort to expand our networks and build trusting relationships with people who are different from ourselves.”

If women in the United States received equal pay, poverty for working women would be reduced by half and add $482 billion to the U.S. economy. Eliminating the gap would help everyone finance their retirement and ensure everyone paying into Social Security receives their benefits.

CUTV News Radio will feature Susan Hodgkinson in an interview with Jim Masters on September 9th at 12pm EDT and with Doug Llewelyn on September 16th at 12pm EDT

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