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Dr. Martha Latz of A Unique Therapy Center to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2019 / -- Hippocrates, the wise ancient Greek physician said, “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” Hippocrates also held the belief that thoughts, ideas, and feelings are factors in our natural healing process. How often do we stand by these words and allow ourselves to get well naturally? One exceptional woman is making certain that people can understand the power they have within them to overcome or lessen the pain, stress, and trauma that we all will face in our life’s journey.

Dr. Martha Latz is a top-notch Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Senior Psychotherapist, Life and Relationship Coach, and owner of A Unique Therapy providing professional therapeutic assistance and life coaching for individuals, couples, and families.

“Every one of us will inevitably experience levels of trauma and stress related to culture, finances, and relationships,” says Dr. Latz. “My hope is that people realize that there is always an answer to whatever issue we’re confronted with, whether personally or professionally, and together we will absolutely find a mutual agreeable resolution.”

Dr. Latz utilizes a holistic approach in her practice specifically treating the whole person not just their physical or emotional symptoms and incorporates various approaches to determine each person’s precise needs. Dr. Latz creates individualized treatment plans addressing the person’s mind, body, and spirit and this biopsychosocial approach effectively decreasing anxiety and depression in her patients. According to Dr. Latz, if we practice self-love daily we can face any trying situation.

“Self-compassion, self-love, a state of valuing yourself, is not selfish and it’s not self-indulgent,” says Dr. Latz. “It’s is the same actions we so easily give to others. And it doesn’t need to be overly expensive or elaborate. It can be something as simple as watching flowers bloom, petting your beloved pets, brushing your hair, or enjoying your morning coffee. When we have self-compassion and self-respect we are consistently empowered to grow and develop genuine self-esteem.”

Dr. Latz guides her clients to practice healthy exercises such as mindfulness and meditation to greatly reduce stress, let go of insecurities and self-doubt from our past and gain clarity to improve our physical and emotional well-being. Breathing is also a useful tool she highly recommends to achieve a lucid, relaxed state of mind.

“When people don’t take the time to decompress then they just keep going down that rabbit hole of stress,” says Dr. Latz. “Rather than deal directly with negative emotions and problems rationally people tend to self- sabotage themselves with self-sabotaging behaviors such as overeating, excessive drinking, and self-injury when instead with professional help they can rise above their issues.”

Dr. Martha reminds us to think of how every day can be a new day where we can change our destructive habits or things that do not serve us. There is no time limit other than the finality of when life ends.

“Unique therapy means it’s tailored specifically for you,” says Dr. Latz. “When you invite me into your situation, I utilize my in-depth knowledge and experience to enter respectively into your world. I will never attempt to pull you into my viewpoints or world view.”

According to Dr. Latz healing exists in all forms, it can simply be about just listening and affirming each other.

“It makes me feel immensely grateful that I accomplished what I was created to do which is to guide people through their lives,” says Dr. Latz. “I cannot change the past for my clients and what they have gone through but I can unequivocally guide them to a new understanding, wholeheartedly open them up to a different reality that will be their shining guiding light.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Martha Latz in a series of interviews with Doug Llewelyn on Monday September 16th at 1 p.m. EST, Monday September 23rd at 1 p.m. EST with Jim Masters and on Monday September 30th at 1 p.m. EST with Doug Llewelyn

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